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            Nursing is a career in the healthcare industry that is concerned with providing care to patients, families, as well as the community with an aim of attaining as well as maintaining an optimal quality of health. The nurses are involved in various tasks within the healthcare sector thus leading to different titles for the nurses. The nurses are crucial to the care industry since they perform most of the tasks that involves taking care of a sick patient. The profession is relevant to the unit of study because it involves taking care of human beings with an aim of improving their quality of life.


  A career in nursing requires that one goes through the relevant training that begins with either a diploma in nursing or an undergraduate degree in nursing. Registered nurses (RN) are required to have an undergraduate degree. There are also associate degree programs that are offered to nurses in the fields of nutrition, anatomy, microbiology, chemistry, as well as nursing. The nurses who complete the associate nursing degree join the nursing profession at the entry level. Apart from the degree courses in nursing, the students also have to sit for certification examinations that are offered by the nursing boards. Successful completion of the examination leads to licensure.

            The duties of nurses are varied depending on their title and certification. Generally, the duty of a nurse is to care for individuals, families, as well as the community.  Registered nurses in most case work in the hospital setting where they are involved in the administration of drugs, observation and monitoring of the condition of the patients, maintenance of records, management of intravenous lines, and communication with doctors. Nurses can work in home health care clinics, nursing care facilities, hospitals, and private physician offices among others.


Paramedics are professionals that have been trained in providing emergency care to people who have been injured or are critically ill before they are taken to the hospital. The main of paramedics is to stabilize the patient to enable them reach a hospital and be given comprehensive treatment (EMS1 Staff n.p.). The field of paramedic is connected to the unit because it involves the treatment of people so that their health can be improved. Paramedics in most instances world outside the hospitals because they provide emergency services. Their role is important in the preservation of human life since they ensure that a person remains stable until they reach the hospital to receive proper treatment. Without paramedics, most victims of emergency cases would end up dying before they reach the hospital.

The paramedics are involved in a highly responsible role that requires them to get the best training. The requirements for treatment are thus extremely rigorous. A person interested to be a paramedic should thus be prepared to get an intensive training. A paramedic undergoes further rigorous training in emergency medical treatment after attaining a degree in nursing. There are some universities that offer a degree for paramedics. The university degree is full time and is a mixture of theory and practical classes. After acquiring a degree, one has to undergo a training in Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification (EMS1 Staff n.p.). There are various levels of paramedic certification with the highest level being the EMT certification. The other level of training is EMT-B. This type of training is available a number of community training colleges and universities.

The duties of a paramedic mainly involve the provision of advanced life support service. Among the specific services that are offered to patients by paramedics include performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, treating wounds, and performing patient assessments. The function of a paramedic overlaps with the functions of a basic EMT. The paramedics also act as leaders of rescue teams. Therefore, they are required to possess leadership skills and the ability to perform in complex life-saving situations (EMS1 Staff n.p.). Paramedics can be employed by both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Mostly, they work in medical institutions where they are charged with providing emergency treatment to victims of disasters. They are can work with the fire engine crew, support helicopters, or even in cruise ships.


Working as a paramedic is fulfilling because one is involved in rescue operations that are directly aimed at saving the lives of human beings. The act of providing successful emergency treatment to a patient and they survive is very fulfilling. Paramedics also get to work in exciting environments. For example, a paramedic who works in a cruise ship will get the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world with the clients. However, the job of a paramedic can be disadvantageous if it involves conducting rescue missions in dangerous places such as a building that is on fire or in a warzone. They have to be alert to prevent any mishap and injury to one of their team members.  Therefore, working as a paramedic in dangerous settings require a lot of attention and responsibility, especially if one is the leader of a rescue team.

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            Nephrologists can be generally considered as physicians. They are physicians who have specialized in diagnosis of kidney diseases and their treatments. Unlike the urologists who deal with both structural and anatomical disorders of the kidney as well as the urinary tract, nephrologists concentrate on disorders that affect the operations of the kidney that include chronic kidney disease as well as diabetes(Perkins n.p.). Besides, urologists are allowed to perform surgical procedures while nephrologists can only prescribe non-surgical treatments for the kidney disorders. The profession is closely related to the unit because it is concerned with the treatment of diseases with an aim improving the condition of a patient. Given the prevalence of kidney conditions, especially diabetes, there is need for more nephrologists to be trained. They play a critical role in ensuring that people lead a healthy lifestyle.

            The educational path to becoming a nephrologist is elaborate because as earlier mentioned, they are physicians hence deal with the critical aspects of the human life. Nephrologists are concerned with making the patients feel better while they retain the quality of life. Nephrology is a specialty of internal medicine. Therefore, a person who intends to become a nephrologist must first earn an undergraduate degree in medicine before pursuing a three-year residency in internal medicine (Perkins n.p.). After the end of the residency period, the nephrologists will participate in a nephrologist in-training while at the same time pursuing a certification in internal medicine. After completion of the in-training, one will then complete a nephrology program that goes for two to three years(Perkins n.p.). At the completion of training, one will be required to obtain a doctor’s license. Finally, one gets certified by the board after fulfilling the requirements needed for certification.

            The duties of a nephrologist include the diagnosis and treatment of kidney conditions in patients. They are also involved in conducting research to enhance the treatment of kidney conditions. The nephrologists are involved in the designing of a care plan for treatment of patients with kidney conditions (Perkins n.p.). The nephrologists assess the conditions of kidney patients and will recommend dialysis if it is required. In advanced instances, the nephrologists will recommend for a transplant. The nephrologists mainly work in the medical field although they can also be involved in research and teaching in medical institutions (Perkins n.p.).  Nephrologists are employed both in government and non-government institutions. They can also work as professional consultants.

            Working as a nephrologist is fulfilling because it pays well. People working in the profession earn more that the annual average income of the nation. Besides. The act of saving the lives of people makes the profession even more fulfilling. However, training to be a nephrologist requires a lot of resources and time. One needs at least ten years to start practicing as a nephrologist. The training is also highly intensive. If involve in laboratory work, one is at risk of acquiring certain diseases.

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Clinical Neurophysiologist

            Stroke has become one of the leading causes of long-term disability and death in the world. A clinical neurophysiologist is one of the experts that works in the field of neuroscience in order to help in conducting research (Doctorly. Org n.p.). The clinical neurophysiologists perform tests and procedures that are aimed at recording the bioelectrical activities that take place in the brain. They are also involved in the measurement of the electrical functions occurring in the spinal cord and nerves. The professional is related to the unit of study because it is concerned with treating diseases that affect human beings. Neurophysiologists are thus important because they help in diagnosing diseases that affect the nervous system as well as in monitoring them.

            The profession of a clinical neurophysiologist involves intensive training. One has to have a doctorate degree for them to become a clinical neurophysiologist. One begins by doing an undergraduate program that is a requirement for every physician. After getting an undergraduate degree, one will have to undertake a Medical College Admission test that aims at testing the scientific knowledge, problem-solving skills, as well as critical thinking skills (Doctorly. Org n.p.). The learner is then admitted to a medical school where they will learn and do medical licensing examinations. The step is then followed by a period or internship for a period of one year. The students gain experience from a medical setting (Doctorly. Org n.p.). Aspiring clinical neurophysiologists should then pursue a focused residency on neurology. There are various areas to choose from in the field of neurology. After residency, the student then goes for fellowship where they specialize in smaller branch of neurology that interests them. The student can then apply for board licensure.

            The duties of a clinical neurophysiologist mainly involve diagnosis of diseases and monitoring them. Apart from that, they can also be engaged in doing research that will help in advancing the branch of neuroscience. Clinical neurophysiologists have opportunities to work in various environments.

Work Cited

Doctorly. Org. How to Become a Clinical Neurophysiologist., 2018. Internet Resource.

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