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Argument/Persuasion Assignment

There are three standard forms of argument in academic writing: Classical, Toulmin, and Rogerian. For this assignment, write a classical argument focused on a Call for Action thesis statement with varied support strategies demonstrating why your main claim is valid.

Your argument/persuasion essay should be organized as follows:

1. Introduction Paragraph with Call for Action thesis statement and 3 reasons (minor claims)

2. 3 Body Paragraphs with reasons and evidence to support each minor claim

3. Conclusion Paragraph

Length: 1000-1200 words

APA:  All guidelines must be followed

Sources: Minimum 3 academic sources with references

Citations:  Minimum 1 direct quotation or paraphrase per body paragraph.  (More is fine.)

DUE:  Monday, April 30 by 9 AM

Late papers will not be accepted.


Artificial intelligence

            The advancement of technology has helped to improve the quality of machines that are being invented by humans. At the moment, scientists have developed machines or robots to assist human beings in almost all spheres of life. The utilization of artificial intelligence has helped in the designing of machines that assist humans in most of their tasks. For example, in Formula One competition, evidence of continuous refinement of already invented technology can be seen in the machines that are placed on the pit stops to help human beings in repairing the supercars within the shortest time possible. The manufacturers of Lamborghini have employed the use of robots to perform most of their functions in the industry. For example, the painting of the body of the vehicles is done exclusively by the robots. The use of robots ensures that the companies get a fine finish on their vehicles. However, there are some individual who are opposed to the continued reliance on machines to perform tasks as they feel that the machines will ultimately replace human beings by performing all the roles of human beings. Artificial intelligence is, however, an important aspect of humanity that cannot be abandoned because it leads to the production of machines that help in improving the quality of life that people experience in the universe. The advantages that are as a resultant of artificial intelligence cannot be ignored hence those opposed to the concept should change their minds and embrace the technology so that the lives of human beings can be further improved.


            Artificial intelligence can be used to reverse the falling profit growths in most business around the world. The increased competitiveness in various industries have resulted in most businesses experiencing a slow growth or being driven out of business altogether (Microsoft, 2015). Companies that remain in the industries are hampered in their development due to low profits. Artificial intelligence can be helpful in kick-starting the profitability of most businesses that are spread in various industries. Artificial intelligence will transform the nature of doing business through three channels that include intelligent automation, innovation diffusion, and labor and capital augmentation. Intelligent automation can be applied in almost all aspects of business. A business could use the technology to improve its supply chain management, streamlining the sales process, or improving the production of the firm (Temming, 2018). Artificial intelligence can help in the enhancement of production of new products and services through innovation diffusion. The technology simplifies the process of researching and inventing new products that can help enhance the lives of human beings. Most of the products that are consumed across the globe are mainly products of artificial intelligence. By everyone embracing the technology, the production of products and services can be further improved thus leading to increased profits. In terms of labor and capital augmentation, workers can concentrate on their main tasks by delegating the low value-added tasks to artificial intelligence. Through artificial intelligence, the businesses can further maximize their asset utilization rates.

            In future, artificial intelligence will help in the further improvement of the transport industry by enabling automated transportation. Currently, there are several companies that are exploring the possibility of driverless commuter system. There are companies that have invested in the manufacture of self-driving cars. Having a vehicle that does not require a driver to be on the wheel has been enabled by the advancement in artificial intelligence. Currently, vehicles must have a driver behind the wheel for them to move. Invention of self-driving cars would be more helpful because it will allow cab companies to offer cab services to people without the need to hire drivers (Heineke, Kampshoff, Mkrtchyan, & Shao, 2017). Besides, the transport industry will have improved safety. The use of machine directed driving will be prone to few accidents compared to the human driving. Human drivers are prone to mistakes that may occur as a result of fatigue and other combined factors. Self-driving cars will promote efficiency and safety. With further research and technological improvements, the idea of self-driving cars will be fully operationalized thus eliminating human beings from the roads. Given the opposition to the invention, it will take some time before people can fully embrace the mode of transportation due to fear of being involved in an accident (Rejcek, 2018). Further improvement of their efficiency may lead to acceptance by a huge number of population. The testing of self-driving vehicles has been ongoing since 2012 when Google began testing their first self-driven car. Since then, other players have come on board to help in making the invention a success. Notable companies that have engaged in the testing of the self-driving care include Uber, an international cab service company. The company has been testing the vehicles with an aim of using the vehicles in their company. Other forms of transport such as buses and trains are also being considered for full automation that will allow them to run without the need to have drivers behind the wheel. It will help to improve their revenue streams and at the same time the efficiency and safety of the transport industry.


            The improvement of the artificial intelligence has helped in the production of robots that are taking some of the dangerous jobs that have previously led to fatalities in human beings. There are some jobs that are dangerous but necessary for human survival (Gray, 2017). Previously, human beings have been forced to perform the tasks despite the risks that they pose. For example, there are a number of experts that have incurred injury in the process of bomb diffusion. The robots are taking over such dangerous jobs thus reducing the level of harm that is exposed to human beings. Human beings control the robots remotely as they get involved in the dangerous tasks. The invention of the technology has thus helped in saving a lot of lives that could have been lost in the process of the dangerous tasks. Further improvement of technology will help more artificial intelligence concepts to be adopted for the dangerous and risky jobs (Gray, 2017). Jobs that pose a risk to the life of human being by producing toxic substances, intense heat, or bodily harm can in future incorporate the use of robots to reduce the level of harm posed to human beings

            Artificial intelligence is promising to reverse the trend in business by kick-starting the profitability of the businesses through intelligent automation, innovation diffusion, and labor and capital augmentation. Artificial intelligence promises to help in the improvement of transport by providing safety and efficiency through driverless cars. Artificial intelligence will also help in reducing the harm posed to human beings by having robots to perform risky jobs. The advantages that are as a resultant of artificial intelligence cannot be ignored hence those opposed to the concept should change their minds and embrace the technology so that the lives of human beings can be further improved. To fully enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence in future, more people need to come on board and support the innovations that are being made as a result of the technology.


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Temming, M. (2 February 2018). ‘Machines That Think’ predicts the future of artificial intelligence. Science News. Retrieved from https://www.sciencenews.org/article/machines-think-predicts-future-artificial-intelligence

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