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Rhetorical analysis and evaluation of ONE of the following course reading:1″ In the Name of Love” 2 “The Paranoid Style of American Polocing” 3 ” Pre-Game”. You can found these article online. Please read the instruction carefully below. “Each paragraph should have a example from the article and it need to be PIE formatting.(If you don’t know what it is, please search it online.”) I had uploaded a sample rough draft(Not my), you can read it first. I still want to request the writer ID U90000 to write for me please.


Rhetorical Analysis and Evaluation of an Argument

            The article, The Paranoid Style of American Policing, by Ta-Nehisi Coates questions the legitimacy of the United States police by discussing the manner in which they respond to instances of crime. The author points out various instances when police have been called out to respond to a criminal incidence but they respond through taking lives even in instances where normal citizens would respond through more moral means without resorting to violence. Therefore the author is arguing against police brutality by convincing the audience through the use of logic, appealing to their emotions, and the use of ethics.


            The author makes his argument more convincing by employing the use of logic. He provides various incidences where he feels the police actions are contrary to the expected behavior. The author thus provides a sense of reason that helps the audience to understand his argument against police brutality. The article begins by the author providing a comparison between how his father acted when confronted with a violence incidence and how the police acted when called upon to quash a violent incident. The author notes that “That wasn’t the first time I’d seen my father confront the violence of young people without resorting to killing them. This was not remarkable. When you live in communities like ours – or perhaps any community – mediating violence between young people is part of being an adult” (Coates n.p.). In the remarks, the author provides a convincing reason against police brutality by pointing out that it is normal young people to be involved in violence. As adults, it is thus normal to mediate so as to help in the resolution of the problem. The author juxtaposes the actions of his father to the action of the police when they are called to respond to violence and they end up killing a 19-year old mentally ill boy. The police are trained to keep the community safe. In fact, they receive training that would help them to act reasonably on instances of violence. Instead, they end up taking the lives of people. While the mother of the boy argues against the calling of the police to respond to the situation, the author provides legitimacy for the action taken by the father. He did the right thing to call the Chicago police department. According to Coates, “Likely he called them because he invested them with some measure of legitimacy. This is understandable. In America, police officers are agents of the state and thus bound by the social contract in a way that criminals, and even random citizens, are not.” The reasoning in this argument is that the police are supposed to act better in such situation compared to community members. They are trained and paid by the community members to perform such functions.

            The author has made his argument convincing by appealing to the emotions of the audience. There are various instances pointed out in the article that draws the pity of the audience. A comparison between his father and the Chicago Police draws a lot of emotions from the audience. While the author’s father is able to convince a crazy boy to calm down and go home instead of acting violently, the police action when called to a similar incidence is to kill a mentally ill boy. The police are supposed to understand that the boy is mentally ill hence his actions. Apart from that, the police find the boy wielding a bat. Instead of disarming him through moral means, the police end up shooting the boy and an innocent neighbor. Such actions whip the emotions of the audience and are tempted to act against the police. The author quotes the words of the mother of the killed boy to further raise the emotions of the audience. It makes the audience feel sorry to the mother and condemn the actions of the police. The mother is wondering why the police shot his son seven times instead of using the tasers (Coates n.p.). The mother is also wondering whom the community should turn to when the police who are charged with protecting lives are instead taking them away (Coates n.p.). The authors use of pathos thus makes his argument convincing. The legitimacy of the police is at stake because they are unable to help the community in solving disputes. Instead, they have resorted to killing with impunity. They kill and the government ends up not taking any action. Police brutality has thus been legitimized in the American society, and it leaves most communities vulnerable to the brutal actions of the police.

            The author has used ethics to convince the audience about his credibility. In the introduction of the article, the author provides a short story of the actions of his father when confronted with a violent situation. He acts rationally by convincing crazy young man to go home instead of resorting to violence like the Chicago police. In fact, he mentions that that was not the first time he had seen his father quell violence without resorting to killing (Coates n.p.). He further remarks that it is normal for young people to resort to actions of violence in the community. However, it is the duty of adults to mediate and bring peace amongst them. The story helps to reveal the character of the author as a person who is rational. He understands that people ought to act morally when involved in community matters. The author also stands with the father of the mentally ill boy for calling the police. It is wrong to blame the father when the duty of the police s to mediate in such situations. The police are bound by social contract to protect the community (Coates n.p.). The author thus helps to convince the audience by being unbiased in his argument. He also displays a level of expertise in dealing with community matters.

            The author has appealed to the audience in his argument against police brutality by successfully incorporating the aspects of logos, ethos, and pathos. The argument is plausible as he presents instances and facts on when the police act with brutality thus putting their legitimacy into question. He also presents his argument in an unbiased and a professional manner. Most of his audience will agree with him that the police are acting with brutality on community members hence the need to restore morality in the police service.

Work Cited

Coates, Ta-Nehisi. The Paranoid Style of American Policing. The Atlantic, 30 December 2015. Internet resource.

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