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When writing an academic research paper, a student has one objective in mind. To write effectively and earn the best grades. This is very achievable but dependent on many factors such as the use of the right formatting style, adherence to the instructions, originality, and authenticity of their work as well as the sources of their information. This means that caution should be taken when writing academic papers or when you want to Buy Essay Online.

BUY ESSAY NOW has been in the academic writing industry for over a decade. We have realized that in the quest for a brilliant research paper, differentiating between credible and incredible sources is a challenge for many students.

It is very imperative that in every academic writing, credible sources must be used. As mentioned earlier, the validity of your research paper will be determined by the credibility of the sources cited. In addition to the option you have to Buy Essay Online, other academic writing rules, credible sources can guarantee you excellent results in your academic life as they contribute to the quality of your work.

Important to note is that for every academic writing, it has an objective. It could be creating a clear understanding of the subject in question, or making an argument for or against a particular topic. To achieve this objective, your ideas or thoughts must be backed up by credible sources as evidence.

With the value attached to the sources you use; Buy Essay Online takes you through ways you can tell if your source is reliable or not.

Consider the following to determine the credibility of your sources.


An important question that should never depart from your mind when writing an academic paper is how relevant the information from that source is to your research. As you verify on the relevance, question its in-depth analysis of the topic. Consider, sources that have taken time to look into your topic. Sources that only highlight your topic area cannot be regarded as helpful compared to those with an entire chapter or discussing your topic in the entire book.


Dig deep to know why the source was published.  Did it aim at providing information, provides a report on original research, or provides new insight that is specific to a particular field.

The authors

The author of a book or an article is as important as the book or article.  Establish if the authors of your sources are easily identifiable. Are they experts in your research area, do they have any other work related to your research topic? What are their credentials? If the answer to this is YES and you have no doubt regarding this consider them credible.

Publication dates

Every information that you use in your writing should be up to date.  It is advisable to use current information, probably less than ten years since the time of publication. This is because, of the continuous change in things especially due to the technology advancement, continuous studies and researches that are taking place very fast.


 Every detail in your paper should be very accurate. Accuracy can be determined by the use of evidence to support the information. For a source to be reliable, it should contain evidence to support the claim.


 Consider the use of a source that has been published in recognized and non-biased websites only. Other publications include scholarly journals and peer-reviewed journals. For the most credible websites use university websites, government institutions websites, academic databases such as Academic Search Premier and JSTOR, professional organization’s websites, or any other educational institution websites. Use Google Scholar to locate scholarly materials and sites.

In the research process, you might find some beneficial information, but you are uncertain about its credibility.  On the profile page of the company, read about the company, what they do, and their funders. It’s also crucial to look for any citation provided on such websites. This will help you track the original source of the information and verify its reliability.

Use of library reference or research desk

The staff in your school library are very helpful. make good use of them as they can provide you with the assistance you need in regard to the use of library research tools and guide you in identifying reliable and unreliable sources.


How to evaluate unknown sources

With the present advancement in technology, the use of the internet is on the rise. A lot of academic research can be done online. You should know that not every information available on the internet is credible for academic writing use. The Internet has both reliable and unreliable information and the only path to your academic success is the use of credible sources that are acceptable by your professor.

It is therefore essential that you pay close attention to every information you get from the internet.  The Internet will provide information on almost every topic making it the most preferred by the student as it is easily accessible and makes everything easy. You must be diligent enough to filter what is of value to your paper.

Here are internet sources that you should avoid

Collective and popular websites

Such as,, etc. These websites normally collect information from other sources that may not be reliable as data or citations are provided to backup this information. In some instances, you will use websites with .com when researching about a particular company but the information should be free from bias.


This is an online open-source encyclopedia that allows every person to edit it. Even though there is an editor from Wikipedia, this information may be unreliable as it may not be correct or current.

Sources whose information are opinions

Use this as a source only when there is enough data to support it This data too should be from reliable sources.

 Buy Essay Online have summarized the guidelines as follows:

Characteristics of reliable sources

  • The material must be published within the last ten years i.e. current information.
  • Materials are from google scholar.
  • Materials from academic databases such as JSTOR.
  • Materials from registered government and educational institutions.
  • Materials are written by experts in the field or well-known and reputable authors.

Characteristics of unreliable sources

  • Materials published over ten years go. It is regarded to be out of date.
  • Social network posts such as Facebook, twitter.
  • Blogs.
  • Research articles that have no citations
  • Any website ending with .org, .com etc.

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