| December 30, 2020

Business needs are particular goals and objectives that a company anticipates to achieve in order to effectively deliver on its mission and remain profitable. This particular entrepreneur’s mission is to produce customized brochures and other branded items to satisfy its target group in the market which is the youths and the millennial demographics. To achieve this, it is paramount that the entrepreneur focuses on improving certain aspects of his technological and networking department in order to increase the productivity of high-quality products in cyber-secure space. This will in turn see that the set business needs are met.


The employees require better and improved versions of modern computers so they can maximize on productivity and increase efficiency. This will also help them save on time which they would have otherwise spent on their phones performing similar tasks (Abels & Klein, 2008). Modern computers which have expansive features and improved performance can be introduced and shared among workers to help save on money and still achieve the same level of production. They are also easy to operate and have a very fast internet connection which makes them highly reliable and dependent.

In these modern times where majority of the population is dependent on the internet, it important that the entrepreneur markets her goods online rather than fully depending on sales agents. In order to achieve this, a complete software update is necessary if this where to be put in place (Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2015). The updated software will have improved features that will help the company in marketing and will also be very secure ensuring the company is free from any incidences of cyber crime and being hacked. Online marketing offers better results for it is readily accessible and it targets all internet users.

For a business to remain running and to perform its tasks effectively, it must have a high level of information security that is difficult to bypass. This is to ensure that the company’s data and classified information are safe and secure in the company’s website (Dennis, Wixom & Roth, 2015). Information security can be achieved by installing a fire wall in the company’s system and ensuring that all the employees are well educated on cybercrime and who to detect and avoid it. Installation of an anti-malware software can also help in information security as it alters incase of any intrusion. 

Networking is basically how various entrepreneurs interact and exchange ideas of opportunities or gaps in the market and form business relations to act upon those opportunities. Networking is important as it opens up entrepreneurs to different prospects and relation which may turn out to be very profitable when enacted upon. In modern times, social media networking is the most preferable mode of networking for it is able to connect people from very far away and facilitating sharing of ideas.


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