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| October 6, 2019

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Instructionscomplete both Part I and Part II of this assignment.Submit this Application Assignment by Day 14.Part ICarefully read each scenario below and answer the related questions.Scenario 1:Scientists in Australia discover treatment for Vivax strain of malaria found in Asia Pacific region. The new treatment also protects against re-infection.__ Assessment__ Policy Development__ AssuranceAnswer:Scenario 2:Public health professionals are now able to refer clients to the Palm Valley Clinic recently opened in the Talmouth County. This facility provides medical, dental, and pharmacy services to uninsured and underinsured individuals.__ Assessment__ Policy Development__ AssuranceAnswer:Scenario 3:The Cole County Health Department and Cole County School System have partnered to provide flu shots to more than 2,215 elementary school students.__ Assessment__ Policy Development__ AssuranceAnswer:Scenario 4:A local childcare facility has reported an outbreak of lice in their facility to the health department. The lead health educator at the health department is now tasked with solving the issue.__ Assessment__ Policy Development__ AssuranceAnswer:Part II. Select two of the scenarios provided in part I, above, and (in 1-to-1½ pages, and in paragraph format) do the following: CDC – NCHS – National Center for Health StatisticsHomepage of the National Center for Health StatisticsEPHLI Core Essentials | EHS | CDCCDC’s Environmental Health Services Branch provides resources on preventing foodborne illnesses and outbreaks, k…Resources Organized by Essential Services | EHS | CDCFind tools to help your program fill performance gaps and contribute to larger performance improvement efforts s…

NCHS Data Visualization Gallery – Leading Causes of Death in the United StatesThis dashboard presents the age-adjusted death rates for the 10 leading causes of death in the United States, in…Purchase the answer to view it

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