Locate and read Tim Dickinson’s article “The Party of the Rich.”:

| February 2, 2017

Dickinson, Tim. 2011. The Party of the Rich. Rolling Stone. Nov. 24.

Write an essay, single-spaced (1.5 pages minimum) exploring the following topic:

Dickinson makes an argument that the Republican Party has become the party of the rich since Ronald Reagan was president. It raises the question of whether Republican adoration of President Reagan misrepresents Reagan’s actual record. Write an essay based on this article on whether Reagan is an appropriate icon for tax-cutting Republicans. That is, given what Dickinson says about the president, should Reagan be the prime example of a tax-cutting, small expenditure president? Make sure you summarize key facts about Reagan’s tax policies and tax cuts to support your argument.

You may want to research other perspective to the problem. If you do so, please add a reference list on a separate page identifying the articles you relied on, including the Dickinson article (proper reference listed above). This will increase your marks for content.

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Category: Political Science

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