MKTG 1208 Introduction to Advertising

| February 1, 2017


Assignment 1 Brief – Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Report SUMMER SCHOOL


Worth: 30%

Due: At the start of your day 3 tutorial – uploaded to Blackboard


This individual assignment requires you to provide a written response to a number of IMC case studies. You are required to analyse and discuss the case studies, using the questions below to guide your response. You are required to demonstrate your understanding of advertising in relation to Integrated Marketing Communications and the role played by IMC in building relationships between brands and consumers.


Learning objectives/assessment criteria


  • Demonstrate interpretive and analytical skills with particular regard to IMC – including advertising and other promotion forms
  • Research and accurately reference written piece of work using the Harvard system


Assignment format


This assignment should be submitted ONLINE through Blackboard at the start of your summer school day 3 tutorial. Please refer to your course guide if you need information regarding extensions or late submission of assessment tasks.


Your report should be approximately 2 x A4 pages long (plus references in HARVARD style. This includes many IN TEXT references). See RMIT library website. ‘Referencing’ web link. Q&A format is preferable response method. Label 1a 2b etc. but do not rewrite questions.

*Do not give massive paragraphs like essay. It’s more likely to be long answer questions.*

You are required to use the Harvard system of referencing (please refer to the referencing document online: for this assignment and cite a minimum of 2 additional academic references.


Questions to address


  1. An important characteristic of IMC is the commitment to building a relationship between the brand and the customer through marketing communications.

Read the ‘EBay’ Case Study on pp 57 of your textbook and answer the following questions:


  1. a) Profile the target audience EBay is targeting. Be very clear.


  1. b) List the different IMC tools identified in this case study and describe the role each had to play. What are the advantages and limitations of each of these tools?


  1. c) Building on the case study do further research to explain the growing success of EBay Valet and the likelihood it might be introduced in Australia.


  1. The AMI Nasal delivery ads caused a stir when released and feature in the case study on p.82. Building further on IMC consider the following


  1. a) List the different IMC tools that this campaign utilizes.


  1. b) Should controversial products such as AMI use above the line mediums to advertise? What would be a preferred method of advertising for this brand? Is it possible to run an IMC campaign for this product?


  1. Is it possible to have a successful IMC campaign that doesn’t use any traditional advertising media at all? Give a ‘real life’ case study/example and explain your answer in depth


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