Defense Attorneys and Avoiding Tyranny

| January 28, 2017

Defense Attorneys and Avoiding Tyranny

The founding fathers crafted a purposeful tension between each branch of government and between the powers exercised by the state and federal systems. The American criminal justice system is a continuation of the foundational belief that a separation of powers, both horizontally and vertically, is essential to ensuring one’s freedom. The role of defense attorney is often misunderstood by the public, but a zealous defense of the accused, even the guilty, is vital to avoiding the onset of tyranny.

Beginning with the Reading & Study material, discuss the practical challenges facing members of the defense bar in each of the areas listed below: •Balancing family demands, law practice viability, personal integrity and professionalism. •Zealously advocating for rights of the accused, protecting the truly innocent, and ensuring equal justice for the guilty. •Compare and contrast the roles of defense attorney with the scriptural depictions of Jesus the Christ as an advocate for the saints throughout Scripture

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Category: Political Science

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