POL final paper

| November 11, 2016

Can i have a good writer in POL dear writer this paper is very important please read my post very good plus the instructions, the written rubrics and the classmate examples i am going to upload 3 files one is the instructions for this final paper one is a classmate sample and the third is the written rubric please read each of these files one by one and applique everything in your work while written the paper. when you open the first file the instructions you will see 2 step week 6 and week 7.

week 6 is the written presentation you will see

Week 6: Individual Policy Analysis Written Research Paper
and week 7 is the oral presentation, you will see

Week 7: Oral Presentation Requirement

This oral ask you to record your voice for 10 minutes it ask you to use Jing but if you don’t have jing download on your computer you use your cell phone and record it after recording you can email me the recording i will message you my email address later.
what you really have to record from your voice it is your findings from your individual policy analysis paper .

First thing to start is the policy analysis written and lastly the oral presentation after reading my post download the first file which is the instructions read it very good and next read or take a look on one of my classmate sample look how she wrote her paper and read it it will give you lot of ideas. make shore you applique the last file in your writtings while written the paper because the cost points which the written rubrics, thanks message me if you got any questions.

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