Location:  Aspects of distribution in relation to the Chanel Brand

| September 4, 2015

The aim of this paper is to discuss aspects of distribution in relation to the Chanel Brand. The paper also highlights aspects of the brand’s availability, distribution strategies, the views of retailers, adequacy of the current distribution channels, and effects of location on consumer behavior. The Chanel brand is widely distributed in different parts of the world. Since the establishment of the brand over a century ago, its popularity has spread across the world. Today, the company’s products are available in over 200 boutiques worldwide. Coco Chanel, the French designer behind the Chanel brand is widely considered the most successful female designer of the 20th century. She led a glamorous life and went on to reflect it in the elegant fashion products she created. This tremendous success has greatly contributed to the global reach of the Chanel brand.

As the developing world continues to experience growth in terms of purchasing power, the reach of the Chanel brand continues to expand. For instance, it has reached China, where the emerging middle class is keen to assert its newfound economic strength by purchasing high-fashion products. On the overall, Asians attach a lot of value to prestige brands such as Chanel. The same trend is slowly unfolding in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Therefore, the brand’s distribution network extends not just in the developed world but also in many developing countries.

Chanel products are available only through direct distribution channels. Chanel customers have an opportunity to receive samples of the brand’s fragrances on a seasonal basis. This gives them an opportunity to try the newest additions to the Chanel fashion stable. To access these samples, …

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