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This article contains information on why the speaker, the CEO of SPX Chris Kearney believes in the potential of the American industry to exploit the business opportunities that exist in today’s world. Kearney presents the argument that the American industry has a reason to remain optimistic about the market even in times of recession and globalization, which have far-reaching transformative consequences for the country.


            Kearney (2009) believes that the problem that the American industry faces is that of liquidity, particularly in this time of recession.  In other words, the recession is not about a shortage of business opportunities or international competition, it is about liquidity.

            In support of his thesis, Kearney (2009) is confident of his assertion that globalization is not a condition, but rather, a fact of life. He also notes that with globalization, the world economy is growing, and the middle class is expanding. A growing middle class, according to Kearney, implies an increase in the demand for most of the products that are made in the American industries.

            The thesis is also supported by a highlight on the emerging global economic giants such as China, India, and Brazil. Growth in these countries, predicts Kearney (2009), will generate a massive wave of consumer demand, thereby bringing about a shift by these economies from investment models to consumer models. This will translate into new business opportunities for the American industry.

            The article contains many other examples that support the thesis. For instance, immediately after World War II, no one thought that Russia would be the leading auto industry player in Europe. More importantly, no one thought that the computer would be making every industry hum, most significantly, many thought that the African continent would forever remain on the sidelines of the global economy.

            The optimism about the opportunities that are there for the American industry to exploit runs till the ending section of the article, where it is stated that America is home to seven out of the world’s top ten brands. Using such examples, the American way is presented as a bold, and one that is future-oriented.


Kearney, C. (2009) The American Way Is Bold And It’s Future-Oriented Delivered To The Detroit Economic Club, Detroit, Michigan, November 13, 2008, Vital Speeches of the Day, 75(5), 210-214, retrieved from , on November 17, 2010.

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