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Types of academic writing

For the years you have been in school, whether in high school, college, or university pursuing your certificate, diploma, degree, masters, or doctoral, writing is inevitable. You must have come across different types of academic writings and noticed that each had a way of handling it. This article is to take you through the different types. The main objective is to help you understand each, what it is, and how it is written. It’s also an opportunity for you to enjoy our research paper writing services that are available online.


The most common types of academic assignments include;

  • Essay
  • Research paper
  • Article
  • Literature review
  • Article Summary
  • Article Analysis
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Outline
  • Discussion Board Post
  • Argumentative essay
  • Case study
  • Reflective essay
  • PowerPoint Presentations

In this article, we will discuss a few of these, and the rest will be found on our website and you need to learn about our Research paper writing services.

Reflective Essay

This type of writing is also referred to as personal writing and doesn’t require research as it is based on opinions, thoughts, and lessons learned from personal experience. Everything is on a personal level, and the experience can be true or imaginable. It’s also an evaluation of how the experiences have impacted the author’s life. The format of a reflective essay may differ depending on the target audience but the purpose remains the same.

 Steps to write a reflective essay

  • Choose topic
  • Study your subject- vividly think about your experience, to remember, imagine, watch if it is a movie, or listens if it’s audio.
  • Brainstorm- Write down everything about your subject. You can use words that describe the sensory experiences of taste, noise, smell, and what you see.
  • Use reflective questions and answer the why, how, what, which, when and any other question that relates to your experience.
  • Identify the significance of the experience
  • Write your essay

Research paper

A research paper is based on research hence the name research paper. It involves researching and putting down the findings in writing. You can use research paper to argue your opinions on a given topic or represent your findings and facts on the topic. Effective research paper writing follows the following guidelines;

Carry out an extensive research on your topic– Read both printed and electronic sources

 Take notes during the research process. For every source you find useful, note down to keep track.

Integrate your research– Make sure all the sources in your research paper are well integrated. You can learn more about how to integrate sources from professional research paper writing services.

Quote and paraphrase– Do not copy paste anything from another authors work. Use direct quotes or paraphrased texts.  This is a great way to avoid plagiarism. For every text from a source, be sure to cite and do it correctly.

Cite all your essays– show the reader the sources of your information/data. This shows that you researched on the topic, as well as accreditation to fellow scholars.


Have a reference list– All sources should be referenced and the correct style used at the last page of your paper. Follow these steps and be assured of a brilliant research paper. Also remember to focus on the structure, organization, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Argumentative essay

You are required to take a position on a given topic. You should argue your case with supportive evidence from reliable sources.

  • Clearly state your claim in your thesis statement.
  • In the body, discuss several points that support your claim. Make your reasons strong and convincing and cite every source you use to support your argument.

Power point presentations

Unlike printed assignments, you will are expected to present your assignment through slides. To have a great presentation, follow these guidelines;

  • Create an outline of your presentation.
  • Explain each point in a separate slide. Don put everything in one slide.
  • To enhance your presentation, use visuals. You should however be careful not to overdo and spoil everything.
  • Ensure your theme is consistent.
  • Ensure your slides can be read easily. Pay close attention to your font type, size, and colors.

Proofread and edit your work. For help with your PowerPoint presentation assignment, Sign up at for quality, fast and reliable research paper writing services.


An outline is important in your writing because it;

  • Helps you organize your thoughts/ ideas logically and coherently.
  • Acts as a compass to direct you on how to shape your paper, in terms of what to write and where to write.
  • Keeps you on track as it acts as a reference point.

 An effective outline should enable you to structure your paper. It should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion highlighting the points to be discussed in each of the segments. Your outline is a road map; this means that a poorly done outline will result in a poorly written paper. Through our highly experienced writers, you can learn how to prepare an effective outline. They have been in the industry of research paper writing services for many years and this guarantees quality academic papers.


Annotated bibliography

This is a well-organized list of sources used in your assignment with paragraphs that follow the source. The paragraph which is the annotation, explains to the reader why the source is relevant to your topic. Every referenced source must be followed by the annotation.

How to create n annotated bibliography

  • Identify the number of sources for your paper
  • Create a correctly formatted reference list of the source
  • Write an annotation for each source- a summary of the article and don’t quotes and direct copying, and if you are asked to discuss the article, briefly explain why it’s useful to your study.
  • If you have one paragraph, indent the whole paragraph but for more than one paragraph, indent the first line of each paragraph.

Article summary

Summarizing an article is condensing the information to get a better understanding of the material. It shows your ability to read and interpret information. It’s also a good entry point for research. You should do this on your own.

Steps to writing a good article summary

  • Always begin by focusing on the abstract which is the author’s summary of his/her work.
  • Read through the article several times to grasp the main ideas on the topic.
  • Make notes- Underline the keywords, highlight the main claim, and make notes on the supporting arguments as presented by the author. As you this, critically think about how their arguments relate to your course.

Your complete summary should capture the following;

  • Reinstate the thesis statement in your words.
  • Author’s name, the title of the article, and journal bearing the article.
  • Quotes and paraphrased texts that are correctly cited to avoid plagiarism.
  • Use of present tense.
  • Remain objective as you are only giving an overview of the work and not a critique.
  • Be on point- avoid any unnecessary information. Focus on the main ideas.
  • Make it short ad simple. The length may however differ depending on your instructor’s instructions.
  • Avoid the use of the first person in your summary unless instructed to do so by your professor.


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Business and Professional Writing

Business writing is a form of writing whose main purpose is to obtain or prompt a business response. There are different types of business writing which should be concisely, comprehensively, and correctly written to communicate effectively.


The most common writing assignments in business include:

  • Executive summaries
  • Power-point Presentations
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Memo
  • Problem -Solution Paper
  • Presentations
  • Business Reports,
  • Emails
  • Articles
  • Case study analysis
  • Cover Letter and Resume

When writing a business assignment, either for your course or career there are general rules that you should follow. At, we ensure quality research paper writing services by following these guidelines. This article aims to guide you on how to write your business papers effectively. Be sure to do the following in your next assignment;

 Be concise and straight forward

 Concise writing is valued in all types of academic assignments but when it comes to business writing, this value is of much importance. Your objective is to convey ideas and information but not asking the reader to reflect on your work hence the need to be straightforward and direct. Briefly communicate the purpose for writing and avoid all unnecessary words and phrases. We understand this pose a challenge to some students, and that’s why our main role at is to help through our research paper writing services.

Target Audience

The audience is the larger business community and includes; authority in your field, colleagues, employees, employers and prospective clients. It’s also important to note that your writing can be external communication like an advertisement or internal where memos are used. The expectations in business writing differ depending on the department or sub-genres. For example, the marketing audience is different from an accounting or finance audience. Before you write, understand your audience and their expectations.


Your writing objective determines your style and format. The question in your mind should be what you want to accomplish through your writing. Is it to persuade, explain, enquire, or to give an opinion?  Take time to understand the purpose of your assignment. If you can’t interpret the question or you have some uncertainties regarding the purpose of your assignment, get help from our reliable and fast research paper writing services.

Format and Style

The format and style will be determined by the purpose, audience, or sub-genre. A memo format will differ from that of a business letter. On the other hand, the style also differs, while APA is commonly used, you need to understand your assignment’s expectation to know the format and style to use. To learn more about the format and style for different business papers, sign up at We guarantee quality research paper writing services. More importantly, your paper should be easy to read and interesting to the reader. To draw the attention of the reader you can:

  • Use subheadings to show important segments in your paper.
  • Keep your paragraphs short clear
  • Use Bullets and number lists where necessary.
  • Use visuals like graphs, images.
  • Underline, italicize, or use bold fonts to stress on a point.


Choice of language

Use of vocabulary, vague language is discouraged. Your reader should not struggle to understand what your words, phrases, or sentences mean. Make it as simple as possible and use statistics where possible. Business communication is usually formal but the purpose of your writing may make you switch to informal language or even slang. In your business class, however, the fundamentals of writing expect that you adhere to formal communication.

Plagiarism, credibility and honesty

Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work as own. It can take many forms which include; copy-pasting, failure to cite sources or citing your sources incorrectly. Plagiarized work or text is unacceptable and the consequences can be dire. Your business assignment should be original and in case you have quoted, paraphrased, or provided a summary, make sure you correctly cite the source. For more information on plagiarism, types, and how to avoid it learn through our research paper writing services. You can also order an original business report from We have trained our writers to deliver quality and unique content for every customer. We strictly observe academic guidelines, conventions and your additional instructions.


Academic writing relies on credible sources. They are reliable and authored by unbiased persons. Not all sources that touch on your topic can be considered credible. For a source to be credible, you have to focus on the author, authority, objective, audience among other critical elements. In addition to this, for every source of your information, be sure to give a citation and reference. Sometimes, choosing the appropriate source can be difficult, when faced with such a challenge, online research paper writing services are available to you 24/7.


Honesty in business communication is important. Focus on both advantages/strengths/positive impacts of your report, proposal, and the disadvantage/ weakness/ negative impacts of your project. Avoid bias.

Use of correct and standard English Language

Effective and successful business writing should be error-free. Proofread and edit your work to check on grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. These mistakes can distract the reader making it difficult for him/her to get your paper’s main idea or ideas. Revise your work a couple of times before submission. You can also hire a professional editor in our research paper writing services or ask a friend to read your work.


Some general rules and expectations apply to wider business writing as highlighted in this article. However, there are specific requirements for specific assignments as you will discover from this article. Regardless of your task, your writing is made easier with our professional writers. Their experience in research paper writing services ranks them as the best writers. For quality, original, error-free, and unique content, don’t hesitate to visit the website and click the ORDER NOW button. Your assignment will be completed within the agreed period. No delay, our reliability, efficiency speaks for us.

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