Religious studies


this is for religious studies class Reading Deep History Discuss your experience and reading of our final book for the semester, Deep History. How does it relate to some of the videos made available through the course site. How does it expand your understanding of the human enterprise, struggles, and accomplishments running back to the prehistory of our species? Deep History: The Architecture of Past and Present First Edition by Andrew Shryock. NOTE: I DO NOT HAVE THE BOOK.


Personal Reflection

The class reading, Deep History: The Architecture of Past and Present relates to some of the videos from the course site because both have similar perspectives on human nature. Like the book, the films prove that human relationships are a complex concept that requires an individual to make critical inquiries. Relationships between human beings present ideas concerning struggles and accomplishments, which they can enjoy only after tracing their origins. The films and the reading prove that people have always been interested in their roots. However, historians are often reluctant to write about human history. The course videos and the reading emphasize on the aspect of connectedness in human history. They point out that foods, migrations, kinships, and languages are critical aspects of the history of our species.


The book provides an excellent interpretation, description, and understanding of human history. It has expanded my knowledge of the human enterprise, accomplishments, and struggles that have been a part of the prehistory of our species. This book has also sharpened my ability to make more in-depth inquiries into the history of past human relations. It is from Deep History: The Architecture of Past and Present that I have learned the role of kinship in human accomplishments. For instance, the Paleolithic period saw kinships define behaviors, habits, and social patterns. This book has allowed me to trace patterns of kinship and social changes among human beings. The highlighted explanations have broadened my comprehension of ancient human struggles. I am now aware that revolution was a phenomenon that existed during the era of my ancestors. The authors offer various tools that readers can employ in studying and analyzing human history. One can never underestimate the importance of this book if one wants to grasp the significance of history in human life and relations.

Work Cited

Shryock, Andrew, and Daniel Lord Smail. Deep History: The Architecture of Past and Present. Univ of California Press, 2011.

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