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            The results in the self-assessments that were conducted in the areas of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, cognitive style, locus of control, and tolerance for ambiguity generally reveal that I have an average level score in all the self-assessment tests. The general pattern of the scores revealed is that I am neither weak nor strong in all the attributes that were surveyed. Independent of the results of the survey, I have always considered myself to be highly skilled in intolerance to ambiguity. I particularly enjoy encountering new experiences and working with diverse people. I also find complex and challenging jobs interesting because they encourage me to think creatively. Accomplishing tasks in such environments contribute to the addition of a new skill.


            I feel that the most critical aspect of my success in the workplace would stem from having a sense of self-awareness. Self-awareness is important because it involves components such as self-disclosure and self-understanding. It is an important concept since it promotes understanding in the workplace. Through self-awareness, colleague workers get to understand me through a process of self-disclosure. On the other hand, I will be able to improve due to feedback.

            Self-awareness manifests both in my professional and personal life. I spend most of my time with other workers sharing about my strengths and weaknesses, and also seek advice on how I can become better at my abilities. The free interactions make most people enjoy my company. On return, I benefit from constructive feedback that they offer. I have become a refined professional and sociable worker by improving various aspects of skills.

            I remember at one time when I had a problem with my family life. Most of the employees easily noticed that there was something wrong with me. Although I wanted to keep it a secret, the employees became concerned and I had to share the story with them. They felt sorry and offered me advice on how I could tackle the problem. The self-disclosure helped me to get critical feedback that enabled me to overcome the problem.

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