Nursing Assignment


Many of you have experience in complex adaptive systems whether you realize it or not. Thinking about your future practice specialty area, identify a situation in which an issue or concern common to your future specialty would impact that system. (Note: This can be the same practice issue identified in Week 5.) In your initial response, please identify your specialty track (FNP- family nurse practitioner) as well as the issue or concern. Discuss how this issue or concern will impact the system at the micro, meso, and macro levels. How will you address this issue or concern at each of those levels? What is the expected impact on each of these system levels using your solution(s)? Remember you can use an information technology-based solution to address the issue or concern.


Family Nurse Practitioner

To help patients to understand their health situation and improve prospects for their wellbeing, a family nurse practitioner-FNP specialized as a nurse-midwifery should adapt to the new system of complex adaptive system-CAS to diagnose patients (Holden, 2005). I plan to use CAS to coordinate and provide services to women who are expecting to deliver and to mothers after and before delivery with a purpose of ensuring the mother and baby receive the best care. I often encounter different symptoms on my patient’s health that may not require a similar approach when diagnosing. Hence the medical history of the expectant mother is a vital tool in monitoring their health, diagnosing health issues and offering a remedy. During my undertaking, I noted with concern that most patients had issues on completion of the maternal observation and escalation problems. This resulted in delayed intervention and increased the risk of maternal illness. This impacted negatively to the patients’ death.


At the micro level, the issue will raise concern about the need for research on the cause of maternal mortality or infancy death. The practitioner should work hand in hand with the researcher and nurses, medical staff, and other healthcare professionals to formulate the question and carry out adequate analysis of the problem at hand. At this level, as an FNP, I will serve as a mentor to the nursing staff as I help them in the translation and interpretation of the research. This change is necessary since nurses will be able to give the full medical history of the patient, which will further assist in the treatment process should any complication arise. 

At the meso-level, nurses need to be cautious to put into action the research findings during the delivery of their services. Using computer knowledge, recording data and receiving previous records is made easier hence the nurses can integrate evidence-based analysis on the patient`s medical history and use it to make the appropriate decision. As an FNP, I will use my skills as a change agent in identifying the determinants of the patient`s and clinician behaviors and come up with a solution that will not only ease the application of knowledge into the practice but also in the implementing process. The expected impact is that nurses will have the medical history of the patient with ease, interpret it using the knowledge acquired in class and finally apply it in averting the health state of the patient.

Finally, at the macro level, the medical practitioners will come up with a policy that will help avert the issue (Urwin, Stanley, & et al., 2010). At this level, I will use my mapping mechanism knowledge to ensure that all the health facilities receive the new policy. I will advocate for allocation of adequate funds to facilitate the development of the policy and subsequently ensure its implementation. 


Holden, L. (2005). Complex adaptive systems: a concept analysis. Information Practice and Policy Worldwide through Research and Scholarship, 52(6), 651-657.

Urwin, S., Stanley, R., & Jones, M. (2010). Understanding student nurse attrition: Learning from the literature. Nurse Education Today, 30(2), 202-207.

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