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Legalizing Marijuana


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Marijuana legalization can lead to significant benefits. It is plausible to note that legalizing marijuana can aid in stabilizing the economy. Many of the individuals who get involved in marijuana-related activities such as farming, distribution and retail business can have secure jobs. In this way, the state can record decreased unemployment rates. Moreover, it can aid in reducing injustices in the US. The fact that there are states where marijuana is legalized while other states have outlawed its usage is a form of constitutional infringement. The US constitution is candid on providing equal opportunities and treatment for all citizens. Thus, allowing marijuana in particular states is a significant form of discrimination. Besides, the cases involving illegal possession of marijuana are settled differently. The cases involving the blacks are given a lot of weight, leading to many of the blacks being sentenced for a long time. On the other hand, the whites are given bearable jail terms. In other cases, they are provided with fines that they can pay and released. Hence, there is a need to legalize marijuana as it leads to justice, economic growth and better management of chronic illnesses. 


Marijuana legalization can aid in boosting the economy of the state. Once marijuana is legalized, there will be an increased volume of revenue collected. The US government will have an extra source of income (Krishna). Taxes paid to proceeds of sales as well as related activities will play a significant role in boosting the amount of revenue that the government can raise each fiscal year. Hence, the government will stand a chance to record a high GDP. The amount raised can also be for investment. There will be a surplus amount that the government can consider investing. The proceeds from marijuana legalization are likely to be high. Thus, more revenue will be realized. More income translates to a better state of the economy. There are also cases of employment creation where the government will have a chance to reduce the level of unemployment in the country. There will be more farmers, more distributor and more retailer. Each section will absorb several unemployed individuals in the US. Besides, the government will also create a specialised agency that will deal with the regulation of quality and price of marijuana (Krishna). The offices will also aid in absorbing more individuals who would otherwise remain unemployed. More employment opportunities can assist in creating a better and conducive environment to live since there will be low cases of social evils.

Furthermore, marijuana legalization can aid in creating a better judicial system (White). In the US, most of the individuals have lost hope in the ability of the legal system to deliver justice. The court system is accused of practising injustices since there is no equal treatment. According to research carried out by Mrinalini Krishna, legalization of marijuana in selected states is a way of practising discrimination. Cannabis is legalized in Ohio, Washington and other countries while the rest f the rules it has been outlawed. There is a high rate of human right infringement in this case since all the US citizens are supposed to be equal. 

The act of giving a better deal to specific areas in a selective manner is an open way of practising injustice. The US constitution provides equal treatment for all citizens and, thus, they need to be exposed to the same laws. There are also injustices in the manner in which cases involving illegal marijuana are treated. Many of the blacks have suffered in the hand of the judicial systems. They are heavily fined such that they cannot afford the fine. They end up being jailed since their proceeds cannot cater to hefty fines. Also, they are not given a chance to be represented by an attorney and, thus, they are exposed to high levels of injustices. The case is very different when a white is involved (White). They are granted bearable fines and also given shorter jail terms. They are also presented with an opportunity to be represented by their attorney. However, once marijuana is legalized, there will be low injustice cases. All the citizens will have freedom of choice. Constitutionally, adults are provided with freedom of choice without interferences. Hence, the act of regulating marijuana use among adults is a form of constitutional injustice.


There are several health benefits for marijuana. Marijuana is capable of reducing the level of pain for individuals since it has a relaxing effect. Hence, it reduces the pain that individuals go through. Cases of arthritis and migraine are treatable when marijuana is applied. The doctor usually prescribes marijuana for medicinal purposes, especially when the patient is suffering from severe pains and insomnia. The relaxation effect of marijuana plays a vital role in reducing the severity of illness (Pacula, and Smart). Thus, it leads to less suffering and better management of sleep disorder.

Additionally, marijuana legalization will lead to better standards and better quality being introduced in the economic market. The government will set up a particular agency that will regulate the quality of marijuana. Thus, ensuring that the low quality that is prone to cause lethal effects do not reach the market. The government will also be actively involved in setting the standards that marijuana needs to meet before it is allowed to be consumed (Pacula, and Smart). The regulation will aid in reducing the harmful effects of cannabis and, thus leading to better health. There will also be consumer protection since specific prices will be set to minimise cases of consumer exploitation.

Counter argument 

The critics argue that marijuana legalization will create more problems than it can solve (Nicosia). There will be an increased rate of mental illnesses in the state. The crime rate will also increase. Individuals will engage in crimes such as robbery, theft and drug trafficking to get resources that can allow them to buy marijuana. Most of the US population is unemployed and, thus, marijuana legalization will only act as a source of expenditure. Individuals will be forced to look for ways of raising money to cater for expenses regarding marijuana acquisition (Nicosia). There will also be cases of convulsions and high rate of cancer patients in the US when marijuana is legalized. Therefore, marijuana legalization is a possible way of creating more challenges that the state can handle.


Although marijuana has side effects, its benefits are far-reaching. Legalizing marijuana has a lot of benefits. The government can stand a chance to collect more revenue through taxation. Moreover, the government can aid in reducing the unemployment rates in the US as more job opportunities are made available after marijuana legalization. It is also important to note that marijuana can help in reducing sleep disorders since it has a relaxing effect. The use of cannabis can also lead to better management of mental disorders and other related neurological issues. Some of the problems treated by marijuana are anxiety, Tourette syndrome and epilepsy. Cannabis is an effective cure for pains such as migraine and arthritis. 

The judicial system is also likely to be useful as there will be few cases regarding illegal marijuana. Marijuana legalization will ensure that all the citizens are exposed to the same laws. Hence, equality before the law will be achieved.

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