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What makes a good poster?
Important information should be readable from about 10 feet away
Title is short and draws interest
Word count of about 300 to 800 words
Text is clear and to the point
Use of bullets, numbering, and headlines make it easy to read
Effective use of graphics, color and fonts
Consistent and clean layout
Includes acknowledgments, your names and institution
How to begin your poster?

Answer these three questions:

1- What is the most important/interesting/astounding finding from our research project?

2- How can we visually share our research with others? Should we use charts, graphs, photos, images

3- What kind of information can we convey during my talk that will complement my poster?

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Public Perception and Awareness towards VAT in UAE


Introduction. 2

Most Important Findings from the Research Project. 2

How can the Research be Visually Shared?. 3

Information to Complement the Poster. 3


            The study, Public Perception and Awareness towards Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE, was conducted to establish to what extent the public perception of the VAT has developed a positive meaning in the UAE. The people of UAE pay tax to the government to enable it to provide them with the essential services. There are some people of the UAE have long held the belief that taxation is an imposition on them because they feel that the concept originated from the United States. There are some people who do not realize the importance of paying taxes to the government. However, a majority of the population understand its importance. They have a strong conviction that it exclusively brings positive features to the country and contributes positively to improving the social life of the people of UAE. The research established important findings that help to inform the public perception and awareness of the people of the UAE towards the VAT.


Most Important Findings from the Research Project

            The research project helped in establishing important findings about how the people of UAE perceive VAT. The findings of the research show that the media plays an important part in informing the attitudes of the public towards VAT. The media is the main source of information for the people of UAE. People make decisions and form opinions based on what is reported in the media. The study findings also revealed that most of the people do not want the government to introduce VAT. On the other hand, the results also indicate that 53% of the public feel that they have enough information regarding VAT. People are opposed to the introduction of VAT because they feel that it will result in an increase in the prices of products and services. The media plays an important role in educating the public and informing their attitude. The government thus needs to utilize the media to conduct civic education so that the public can change their negative attitude towards VAT.

How can the Research be Visually Shared?

            The research findings of the research can be shared visually through the use of charts and graphs. Charts and graphs help to summarize information in an appealing way that attracts the attention of the audience. Through the charts, results on citizen’s awareness of the importance of VAT introduction, the role of the media in providing information, and citizen awareness in relation to VAT. The graphs can be used to summarize information on role of media in VAT and prices of commodities and the introduction of VAT. The charts can also be used to present the correlation and regression results.

Information to Complement the Poster

            The information presented in the poster provides a summary of the key sections of the research. To aid in understanding of the information on the posters, the presenters should further elaborate for the figures to be understood. The first step will be to commence with the purpose of the research project, the methodology that was used, elaborate on the result provided in the charts and graphs, explain their significance of the findings, area of further research, and finally the conclusion. The information presented alongside the poster should majorly elaborate on the information summarized on the poster so that the audience gains an enhanced understanding.

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