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So Far from God has so many interesting characters. From Sofi to Esperanza to Domingo to La Loca. Every character is written with such detail that they represent something about our culture.

Choose one character to study. Answer the following in a 1 page double spaced response. Make sure you quote the book to validate your opinion.

Why is this character appealing to you? What do you think will happen will this character (without reading ahead)? If this character was in another story that we have read this semester, how would it change the story (for example, how would Cortes’ travel narrative change if it had La Loca in it)?


So Far From God

The novel “So Far From God” by Ana Castillo set in New Mexico blends characteristics of Pueblo stories, European Catholicism, and Current Mexican mythology with sardonic humor, domestic remedies, and recipes to narrate the story of an outstanding family. The Barbaric Christian mythology altered the narration of Sofia, who acted as the goddess of wisdom in Greek into an inspiring story. Together with her daughters, La Loca, Fe, Esperanza, and Caridad, the courageous woman, triumph over the challenges of poverty, exploitation, racism, and war among other obstacles despite the absence of Domingo, Sofi`s husband (Eisenhower 8). All the characters in “So Far From God” is composed of such details that they stand for something about the culture.


The character who appeals most is Esperanza, Sofia`s first born daughter, a symbol of hope. I admire her strength, as a surrogate caregiver, she can strike a balance in her career as a journalist, performing her professional duties, and still upholding her political ideologies. Also, she strives to meet her personal needs despite the challenges she faces due to the conflict resulting from the new knowledge acquired in school and her old life.

Without reading ahead, I think Esperanza will transform into a lucky lady, able to meet her daily needs and fulfill her family`s obligation. She may also influence the society positively by fighting against vices like racism, poverty, and exploitation. I think if she is not martyred for defending the less privileged in the community, then, her nature will make her famous in the society.

If Esperanza was in the story, “Cortes Travel “narrative, I think she would have empowered the society to resist against Cortes` actions in Mexico and Corte may have failed in his conquest of Mexico.

Works Cited

Eisenhower, John. So Far from God: The U.S. War with Mexico, 1846-1848. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2013. Print.

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