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Citation is a commonly used term in academic writing which is used to illustration of sources of each of your arguments. Citing sources in your paper is important in helping your reader in locating where you got your information/ material for your paper. Different citation styles apply to different disciplines and assignments. For some assignments, the instructor may state the citation format to use while some will leave it open for you to choose the one that you are well familiar with and applies to your assignment.


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 As mentioned above, there are different citation styles with MLA, APA, and Chicago styles being the most common. MLA the Modern Language Association is the primary style for humanities such as English and literary studies, APA, or the American Psychological Association used in social sciences. The Chicago style or The Chicago Manual of Style used in both humanities and social sciences papers. For each of these and other styles, has provided the following basic information tor clear understanding.


MLA Style

This citation format requires that you place your citations within your paper’s body in parenthesis i.e. in-text citations. Parenthetical citations are used to paraphrase, quote, or when referring to any work belonging to another author.  In the parenthesis, always include the author’s last name and the page number you have referred from and refrain using a comma between the name and the page number.

You will notice that some citations will appear at the end while some appear before the end. For any citation that comes at the end of the sentence, make sure the period comes after the parenthesis. On the other hand, if you have more than one citation in a sentence or parenthesis before the end of your sentence, every punctuation should be put after the citation.

Inclusion of a reference list at the end of the paper to enable the reader easily identify and locate your sources.

Both the citation and parenthetical citations should be placed in the left side of the sub-sections list.

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APA Style

It was developed by the American Psychological Association and just like MLA style, there is the use of parenthesis and a reference at the end of the paper. Your citation allows you to not only credit your sources but also refer you’re the reader to the reference list that usually contains detailed information of the source and indicate the date of your source.

 APA citation should cover the following aspect of the source; author’s last name and the year of publication. In your citation, they should appear in this order with a comma separating them.  Where you have used the page number, be sure to use it at the end of the sentence. It is mostly used in psychology and social sciences papers.

Chicago style

It was published by The Chicago Manual of Style and though common and used in humanities and social sciences, it differs from MLA and APA in several ways;

The manner the information contained in the citation is arranged.

Instead of in-text citations, it uses footnotes which are placed at the bottom of the page commonly known as foot notes/ end notes.

Turabian Style

It was developed based on the Chicago style and designed specifically to be used in research paper writing. It uses the end/ footnotes for humanities such as history, arts, literature, and the author-date style for social sciences.  You should always list the sources on the last page of your paper. Writing academic papers is what we do best at, you should, therefore, be sure that each of the custom research paper you order from us, will meet or even surpass your expectations.


American Medical Association

This format style is used in medical journals, scientific books and used to cite sources when writing natural science papers.


 It is predominantly used in law schools for legal academic writing. It uses footnotes which consist of the source’s full details. Order a custom research paper for your undergraduate and stand to get quality, well structured, and cited law paper.

Other styles include; Harvard for economic fields of studies and use the author-date style to cite the sources.

IEEE for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers- uses a numeric system that is in text.

American Chemical Society used in chemistry papers it uses; author-date style in the footnote, or text and numeric style.

AAA- American Anthropology Association used in social studies papers and based on Chicago style uses author-date in-text style.

APSA-American Political Science Review used for political science papers an uses the author-date style that is in text.

Above are some of the styles you can use to quote, paraphrase, or summarize a text from your source among others. Depending on your paper or the instructions from your professor, one style is used consistently throughout your paper. It should be corrected to make the source of your idea/ argument clear. Also, make sure each of the sources that are cited in the body or footnote is well illustrated and listed in the reference list at the end of your writing.

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