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Fiction writing is a type of writing that takes the form of a story based on the author’s point of view. It is also meant to entertain and can be a novel or a storybook. It is called fictional writing as its non-factual. No facts are presented on the writing, hence the opinion/stand of the author shapes the story. Fiction writing can be overwhelming especially if it’s your first assignment, not knowing where to start and how to progress. However, with as your preferred choice for cheap college papers, you are guaranteed of excellent services that meet all your academic needs.


To achieve the objective of your fictional writing, its important to understand the basics.  These basics are addressed in this article and are meant to guide you on the way forward to successful writing.  Key areas that you must focus on are:

The Plot



Conflict, Crisis and Resolution

Point of view

The plot

The term plot in fiction writing is used to mean the happenings/ series of events in a story. It’s so essential that without it, there is no story to be told. It’s a creation of the way the author organizes and arranges specific actions logically to enable the reader to make sense of their work.  It’s important to note that the plot doesn’t constitute the actual actions in the story line.

To have a great plot in your fiction writing paper, focus on one line of action to avoid confusing your reader. This line of action that you have taken for your story doesn’t have to take a certain order of how the events took place. You can decide to choose a line of action that occurs after the story is concluded or on the action that is yet to be determined. As you choose your line of action, be keen to pinpoint the most interesting/ exciting details in the action. To develop a great plot for your story, turn to for assistance and cheap college papers for all your fiction writing.

The details you consider significant in your writing must show a clear relationship between the events for the reader. There should also be a logical and smooth flow from one part to the other for a clear understanding of the story. Always ensure that your plot makes sense even if it doesn’t have to be realistic to draw the attention of the reader.  All you want is to make your story as interesting as possible no matter how wild it appears.



Characters are the players in the story. Without them, there is no action and the plot. How the character responds to a situation in the story shapes the plot of the story.  If the character can be believed in, then the actions in the plot should also be believed in.   You need to be extra careful when creating each character as they are the carriers of the story. If you are unable to create powerful characters in your story, get professional help from We have a great team of experts who proficiently write all our cheap college papers for students. In every fiction, the characters are categorized as;

Protagonist- The central character /hero in the story.

Antagonist- The villain/ enemy to the main character.

Foil character-this character helps the reader understand the other character mainly the protagonist.

Characters are very crucial in your story, strive to understand each of your characters better, and represent your knowledge of them indirectly.  In some cases, giving a summary of this character’s trait is important to keep your story moving excitingly.  Every character in your story should be well understood from their various aspects. Make sure that your characters spring to life to be absorbed by your reader. Also, the reader should connect with the character to cheer them or empathize with them and can easily recognize their traits.



This is the subject matter of the story. The theme shouldn’t be confused with a topic.  The two are however related to a theme being derived from the topic.  The theme should help the reader understand what the story is about. It can be said to be the scope of your work, what will be the reaction of your readers after they have read the story.   In fiction writing, a theme makes the story memorable to the reader.  Though the role of the theme has been overlooked and much focus is given to the character and the plot a theme makes great fiction. Learn more on how to choose a theme that will remind the reader of your story from, the home of essay writing experts. You can also get cheap college papers for all your essays.

Conflict, Crisis and Resolution

The three are very important elements in fiction writing. Readers find it boring when they read a story where the characters are friends and are always getting along well without disagreement.  The differences that characters display is what spices up the story and makes the reader want to keep on reading to find out how the conflict will climax to a crisis and finally how the whole conflict is resolved.


Conflicts are effective in shaping the plot of your story. Normally, the characters are introduced to the reader and then something happens that threatens the central character. This cause of the conflict can be from within or external/villain or both. As the story develops, the protagonist must take actions that will help them out of the situation and he deals with the situation it marks the climax of the story. The reader should be able to know what the actions of the protagonist did about the conflict.

After the climax / the acting of the protagonist, it is the resolution of the conflict that brings the story to a conclusion. From the conclusion, the reader should learn about how the protagonist has changed as a result of the crisis.

Point of view

 This is the author’s perspective when telling the story. In fiction writing there are three-point of views which the author can apply as discussed below;

Third-person- In this view, the author narrates the story.   The writer has the authority to interpret the character, read their mind. It involves the use of he/she or the name of the character.

The second person- This view is more common in poetry unlike in fiction.  It involves the use of “you and your”

First-person- This view is used when the narrator happens to be a character in the story.  It uses “I and my”

The point of view also focuses on the tense that has been used by the author. It can either be present, past, or future tense.


For effective fiction writing, considering the above elements is vital. A clear understanding of each and what each should address is key. To erase any doubt, you may have on any of them, you have  It is the home of highly experienced academic writers who will handle all your queries and assignments. They are trained to deliver unique, error-free, and plagiarism -free cheap college papers that meet all the requirements of your assignments.  For all your academic needs, have the solutions. Sign up at our website, enjoy our wide range of services and your academic writing will never be the same again.

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