Since my last journal entry, I have learned a lot about leadership in healthcare. In my future career, I would like to be in a leadership position pertaining to healthcare. As a leader, the information I have gained since my last journal entry will be essential in my practice. I will apply it by giving […]

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Leadership Self-Assessment

Leadership is the ability to influence and guide others. It is easy to recognize leadership by evaluating an individual’s qualities, values, and ability to delegate duties to others (Nayak, 2018). The common notion that leaders are passive and rest on inherent abilities is not valid. Some leaders are born to be leaders, while others become […]

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Leadership Style in Merging Hospitals

The merging of two major hospitals is a big step that requires the use of effective leadership styles. The leadership approach needs to bring the employees of both the hospitals together to improve the quality and the outcomes of health care (Chesley 2020). The leadership styles that I will use will be transformational, and Leader-Member […]

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Solutions to Management Challenges

When organizations develop teams, their primary aim is to propel the organization towards the desired trajectory. Building a team that meets this quality goes beyond just randomly assembling employees to meet the desired number of individuals. On the contrary, an effective team is formulated evaluating the most suitable group of people who share traits that […]

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The Bechdel test is a great test that has enabled movie producers to create some form of gender balance in the film industry. However, the test seems to have some flaws due to the number of movies that still fail despite being good. The reasons for the failure of these movies would be due to […]

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Reflective writing

Lynch, M. (2013). The Arab uprising: The unfinished revolutions of the new Middle East. Hachette UK. The author’s central research question is to determine the significance of the early regional protests and mass mobilization and how they have influenced politics in the current era. The author argues that even during the cold war in the 1950s, […]

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Gender History

Gender is a feminist term that feminist theorists developed to relate how being female or male is not merely the biological impact but rather the social reconstitution and construction. Therefore, gender defines a constitutive element for the social relations, which get based on the different perceptions regarding sexes; thus, it is a primary approach method […]

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Free Web-Based EHR Experience: Benefits of AdvancedMD EHR to Facilities and Physicians

            The AdvancedMD HER software offers a comprehensive and flexible platform at relatively low prices. At first, the system might seem overwhelming not only to patients but also to the physicians using it and in facilities where the system is implemented. Despite the complexities, the more physicians use the system, the more they experience the […]

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Medieval Times

Medieval Times When defined historically, the medieval times, otherwise known as the Middle Ages refers to a time between 5th and the 15th century. In European history, this time lies tentatively from 400-1500 AD, and which is sandwiched between renaissance and the fall of the Roman Empire. Historians simplify the Middle Times into three parts […]

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Week 4 Assignment

Cystic fibrosisCystitis fibrosis is a disorder that is associated with genetic factors. It causes themucous gland to produce thicker mucous than usual, accumulating. This mucousaccumulation leads to severe complications. It affects the digestive system, exocrine glands,and lungs (Ward & Hisley,2009). The disease presents with a cough which can be dry orproductive, wheezing due to mucous […]

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