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Optimizing resources in project, programme and portfolio management

Introduction Background to the research topic Every organization wants to optimize resources during the process of project management. Problems tend to arise as far as the process of optimization efforts are concerned because it is common for an organization to implement more than one project at the same time. To address this problem, researchers have […]

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How to mitigate the delays in a project that is caused by contractor consultant project management and client in the construction industry as an integrated or interoperability focus

Introduction The United Arab Emirates has attained tremendous growth in the construction industry. This growth has come with a unique set of challenges for the country in general and the construction industry in particular. One of these challenges is delays in projects. These delays are being caused by consultants, contractors, clients, as well as project […]

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Project management challenges in international software development

Introduction International software development refers to software work undertaken at locations that are separated geographically across national boundaries through real-time (synchronous) coordination and asynchronous interaction. Some of the activities involved in this work include communication for exchange of information, coordination of groups and activities in a way that enables them contribute to the objective, and […]

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