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Title: Teachers’ Belief Systems Regarding Classroom Technology Use: Planning For Perceptions Introduction This interpretive qualitative study aims to explore the relationship between the belief systems, perceptions, and attitudes of teachers towards technology and its effects on the way technology is used in classroom instruction. Not all high teachers utilize technology in the classroom. The reasons […]

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Promoting Social presence in social network Web 2.0 environment in a higher education context

Introduction Social presence is a crucial concept in computer-mediated communication, particularly in higher education context. This concept is commonly used to in discussions on online learning contexts. Such contexts are normally made possible by the technological advancements that have led to improvements in computer-mediated communication. In higher education contexts, the other crucial concepts other than […]

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Analyzing the impact of social network on teacher development

Introduction For school performance to be sustained, teacher development is necessary. Many factors contribute to effectiveness in the process of teacher development. According to Gu & Johansson (2013), one of these factors is social network. Gu & Johansson (2013) point out that social context matters in influencing the social networks that teachers enter into during […]

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Challenges in terms of disability support for students with disabilities in mainstream schools

Introduction Many challenges continue being encountered today in terms of disability support for students with disabilities in mainstream schools. This paper focuses on three problems. The first one is that educators continue to hold negative attitudes towards inclusion of students with disability in mainstream schools. The second problem is that the curriculum being used in […]

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Career Counseling in the 21st Century

Introduction Career counseling has become a crucial element of career development in recent times. This is especially the case in the 21st century because of the wide-ranging changes unfolding in the workplace. In many cases, professionals who are embarking on their career path quickly find out that the world of work is very different from […]

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