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To what extent do you think the discipline of media studies should do more to address the relationship between media use and media waste?

The discipline of media studies should change in response to today’s highly dynamic media environment. In this environment, analogue media communication systems are increasingly being replaced by digital systems, generating a lot of media waste in the process. Moreover, as many technology companies continue to compete for market, many media companies have fallen victim to […]

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Are online comment sections a good idea? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Should those who comment be allowed to maintain anonymity? Why are so many people so nasty and uncivil in these sections? What can be done to make them work better?

Popular Science magazine recently ended its online comments section for new articles. The magazine noted that vicious, insulting, and ignorant comments can pollute otherwise intelligent online discussions, and in the process undermine public understanding and appreciation of science. Comments can be actively screened by moderators, but many online venues lack adequate resources to monitor content, […]

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