Marketing questions

Question 1 If we have little control over the macroenvironment, why should we be concerned with it? Question 2 How has the McDonald’s concept changed since the 1960s? What environmental forces were behind these changes? How will the McDonald’s concept change in the next decade, given the new forces operating in the environment?

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MKTG 1208 Introduction to Advertising

  Assignment 1 Brief – Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Report SUMMER SCHOOL   Worth: 30% Due: At the start of your day 3 tutorial – uploaded to Blackboard   This individual assignment requires you to provide a written response to a number of IMC case studies. You are required to analyse and discuss the case […]

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Assignment1 – Article summary and critique

The assignment consists in writing a summary and brief critique for this article (The article is available through the Bell library, electronic databases): Fulgoni, Gian M., and Andrew Lipsman (2015). “Digital Word of Mouth and its Offline Amplification.” Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 55, Issue 1, 18-21. The assignment will comprise two parts: First, indicate […]

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Strategic Management PROJECT

t is time to select a company for your Strategic Management Plan. In 1-2 paragraphs provide a brief description of the organization you selected and the reason why you chose that particular company. MODULE 3 ASSIGNMENT- SWOT ANALYSIS Strategy formulation requires an objective analysis of the factors that characterize the company’s strategic situation. There are […]

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A strategic audit of Panera Bread Company

A strategic audit of Panera Bread Company. “A strategic audit provides a checklist of questions by area or issue, that enables a systematic analysis to be made of various corporate functions and activities”. I. Current Situation A. Current Performance How did the corporation perform in the past year overall in terms of return on investment, […]

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Module 04 Course Project – Supply Chains and Distribution Channels

Great news! Your concept passed initial testing and went on to more rigorous, quantitative testing. The results there were promising and you’ve decided to launch the new product! Now, you need to identify potential suppliers and distribution partners. For this assignment, create a 5-6 page paper that contains the following information: In 1-2 pages, create […]

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Module 03 Course Project – Defining Your Offering

You selected a product and you’ve identified a target audience. Now, it’s time to define the specific details of your offering! For this assignment, create a 5-6 page paper (not including title page) that contains the following information: Include a concept statement. Concept statements are useful during the research phase as a means to obtain […]

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What topic would you focus on if you could design a social research project without any concern for costs?

What topic would you focus on if you could design a social research project without any concern for costs? What are your motives for studying the topic? Develop four (4) questions that you might investigate about the topic you selected. Each question should reflect a different research motive: description, exploration, explanation, and evaluation. Be specific. […]

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Module 02 Course Project – Marketing Strategy

A customer-centered marketing strategy is the key to any successful marketing plan. For this project piece, you will complete the processes of segmenting, targeting, and positioning so that you will have a solid understanding of who your target customer is and how you should position your product. In a 4-5 page paper (not including title […]

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Personal Flying Car

You have been approached by the makers of the Personal Flying Car. The Personal Flying Car is an innovative product that allows private individuals to transport themselves via this new technology. This product has not yet been developed. The executive team is awaiting your expertise and direction before developing the prototype. You have been tasked […]

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