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MKT/438 Public Relations.

| February 1, 2017

Select a company, business, or non-profit organization and provide an example about how public relations (PR) principles apply. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you examine the following: The multiple definitions of Public Relations. The connection between PR and the promotional aspect of the marketing mix (advertising, publicity, public relations)? How are they […]

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Public Relations

| December 27, 2016

10%introduction, 80% main body, 10% conclusion. Harvard reference style. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 50 Use the following coupon code : SAVE10 Order Now

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Designing a Compensation Package

| April 22, 2016

Using the job description and evaluation method that you created for the exercises in weeks 2 & 3, and the feedback from peers, design a proposal for a competitive compensation package for the position, including the following elements: Job description Method of Job evaluation Intrinsic and extrinsic benefits Compensation package and rationale for same How […]

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Neutral News Message Assignment

| April 21, 2016

Neutral News Message Assignment: Requesting an Adjustment For this assignment, you will write a letter to request an adjustment.  You may use a life experience (Choice A) to craft the letter or you may use the provided scenario (Choice B). Use block-style formatting for your letter.   Be sure to include your address, the address […]

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Eating Disorders

| January 2, 2016

Create your own annotated bibliography with the sources you are using for your research paper. Your annotated bibliography should follow APA style guidelines and should include at least 6 scholarly research articles. You may include other resources as well. Still not quite clear on what counts as “scholarly”? View the “Scholarly and Peer-Reviewed Articles” and […]

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photojournalism and ethics

| November 17, 2015

This is a formal research paper (5-6 pages) based on an ethical issue. Examples of topics could include: photojournalism and ethics; advertising and ethics; privacy and ethics; violence and ethics, internet and ethics, impact of corporate media ownership on media ethics etc. As this is a research project you will be expected to: 1. Draw […]

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Literature review

| September 24, 2015

Choose a minimum of three articles from the required reading list provided in the course and four from the Argosy University online library databases. Your selected articles should discuss some aspects of the four-frame model discussed in the course. Ensure that your selected articles reflect a blend of research that has contributed to generation of […]

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Public Relations Essay

| September 4, 2015

1) What are the advantages and disadvantages between controlled media and uncontrolled media? Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 50 Use the following coupon code : SAVE10 Order Now

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Are online comment sections a good idea? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

| September 4, 2015

Popular Science magazine recently ended its online comments section for new articles. The magazine noted that vicious, insulting, and ignorant comments can pollute otherwise intelligent online discussions, and in the process undermine public understanding and appreciation of science. Comments can be actively screened by moderators, but many online venues lack adequate resources to monitor content, […]

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