Government and Public Administration

Public Administration PPPA 8431 Week 10 Final Project

For the Final Project, you will select a public organization (federal, state, or local) or non-profit organization with which you are familiar. This may be an organization for which you currently work or have worked, know about from others, or have learned about through academic resources and/or the media, as long as it is not […]

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Traditional Public Administration versus the New Public Management.

Traditional Public Administration versus the New Public Management. Write a 2-page paper (double-spaced) describing and identifying what you consider to be the key advantages and disadvantages between Traditional Public Administration and the New Public Management. Cite the lesson readings. Do not exceed more than 750 words.

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GRADING CHECKLIST – SEMINARS WITH PROF. GOVERN A PAPER B PAPER C PAPER D PAPER F PAPER COMMENTS Content Paper follows assignment precisely Paper follows assignment Some discrepancy between assignment and Paper Paper does not follow assignment Especially persuasive evidence Persuasive evidence Argument only partially supported Inadequate evidence Little or no credible evidence Especially persuasive […]

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Decision Memo

Your assignment is to write a decision memo based on the case study “Should Private Contractors Be Guarding Government Buildings?”. You should assume the role of management consultant to the Director of the Federal Protective Service (FRS), L. Eric Patterson. It should include the following: 1. An analysis of the issues that should be considered […]

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Predictors of Project Success and Failure

Please read the instruction which I upload first. Use the Statement of Work, annotated bibliography and capstone proposal to write the literature review. In addition, please force on Identity, Culture, and Norms / Macroeconomic stability / Social, Environmental, and Geographical Context these three categories to write this literature review!

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How does professionalism improve municipal operations

Peer reviewed articles that are relevant Focus on how professionalism lessens discrimination and inequitable outcomes. Can discuss the role of representative bureaucracy in public administration. How does membership in professional organizations help mitigate unethical and/or discriminatory practices in local government

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Memo to Jane Martinez the CEO of a Fortune 500 company

You are the trusted advisor the Jane Martinez, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. She has recently taken over as CEO and wants to emphasize a higher level of corporate social responsibility for her company. She has heard about the Starbucks-Conservation International partnership and she asks you, her trusted aide, for 3 pages memo […]

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obligations the U.S. government has towards its citizens

Reflect: Our political system is characterized by certain fundamental features to include a system of laws, rights, and liberties. The laws, created and supported by the Constitutional framework, are designed to protect and secure the rights and liberties of individuals and groups throughout the U.S. However, the government also has an obligation to provide for the […]

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three strikes law

The topic of this paper is The Three Strikes Law. Please see bullet points below to see how the paper layout and requirements. This is fir a Criminal Justice Policy & Theory Class   Summarize the criminal justice policy by explaining how the policy affects the basic premises of the criminal justice system, its organization, […]

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U.S. Supreme court

The political makeup of the U.S. Supreme court can affect major rulings. Select a major ruling that has changed or been modified over the last 20 to 30 years In your paper: The Ruling I choose are Search and seizure rules.   Be three to five double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) […]

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