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Does Language Diversity Matter? Opportunities and Challenges in Preserving Languages

| October 20, 2016

Guidelines •A reflective response, organized in a focused, coherent way and presented in paragraphs. •Minimum of four creditable sources (APA citation and a bibliography) justification of why you use this source/information. Content of paper: Languages are an important part of our existence and yet, they are increasingly under threat. Studies show that by the end […]

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weather and climate

| January 26, 2016

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Origins of the Moon

| January 8, 2016

Please view the Animation – Origins of the Solar System and Earth before working on this assignment. (See also summary of the hypothesis in your textbook. Note that this original hypothesis also includes talk of the origin of Earth’s moon.) 1.Review what your textbook says regarding a second hypothesis about the origin of Earth’s moon. […]

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Cultural geography

| January 5, 2016

This research assignment is designed to challenge the student to be creative as well as demonstrate subject matter knowledge. You are also challenged to learn a new skill/practice an existing skill in applying PowerPoint (or OpenOffice) software to your research. You will not find the “answer” for this assignment in the text or any other […]

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GEOG 230-Our Changing Climate

| December 23, 2015

GEOG 230-Our Changing Climate Case Study Project Part 1: Proposal   Overview After having built your knowledge base through a reading of the first two parts of the textbooks and Part 1 of the IPCC Synthesis report, you will choose a particular topic related to climate change and do a short case study on it. […]

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