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Argument: All business needs an IT safety design

| December 4, 2020

Contents Introduction. 1 Key points. 1 Target audience. 2 Goal 2 Potential resources. 3 Examples of IT plan. 3 Effectiveness of the strategies. 3 Alignment ofcritical points in regards to the argument with supporting resources. 4 Works Cited. 5 Introduction Many organizations require the application of various information technology design to safeguard all the organization’s […]

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The Fashion Industry

| November 4, 2020

Part 1 In any civilization, cosmetics is a prevailing trend; however, they are incomparable to the advanced products of the modern world. In past, the cosmetic formulas promised eternal youth due to their ability to shield people from the sun. Additionally, they served as class indication and beauty conventions. Earlier, the bath oil, for instance, […]

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Toyota Motor (TM)

| August 27, 2020

Question We had to choose a Fortune 500 company that interests us. I chose Toyota Motor (TM). It has to be an outline for an informative speech. It needs 3 main points. I need it in an outline format with at least 5 references. The speech needs to be at least 5 min long -See […]

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Business to Business

| February 8, 2020

Name of student: Course name: Class name: Date assignment due: Contents 1. A purchases manager of BBB Company makes a telephone call placing an order for the supply of corrugated iron from a sales manager of CCCCompany. 2 2. A formal letter sent by General Manager of company EEE rejecting a request by the chief […]

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Business Studies Paper

| February 8, 2017

Objective The goal of this assignment is for students to learn and improve upon professional writing skills. Students will accomplish this as they compose various professional documents that will be integrated into a final client report. The details of the assignment is further explained below in the Assignment section. This project will teach students to […]

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Week 3: Compare and Contrast

| January 31, 2017

In week 3, the assignment is to compare and contrast two articles in Unit Three of Business Ethics. Since the authors deal with different topics, focus on their approaches, attitudes, or values. There is no expectation for you to do any research outside of the articles. Length should be approximately 3 pages.   Organizational Expectations The paper requires the following elements: -Title […]

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How can internet reflect the tension between tradition and modernity in Indonesia

| January 12, 2017

Assessment Criteria (Please write in Simple English): ? Demonstrate a deep understanding of the core arguments and concepts. ? Demonstrate an ability to engage with academic concepts and arguments. ? Be able to express your ideas clearly in writing in a manner that engages the reader. ? Develop a clear and rigorous argument regarding the […]

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| January 3, 2017

This project will help you get to know the small number of media corporations that control so much of U.S. and global culture and will help you understand what this influence may mean for democracy. Visit Columbia Journalism Review’s “Who Owns What” Web site (, and choose a media conglomerate to research (your instructor may […]

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Integrative Case Study

| January 3, 2017

Develop a 5–8-page analysis of how the leadership at the organization in your case study demonstrated the three levels of thinking and action that support innovation (global, personal, and organizational). Include the following in your analysis: •Analyze which leadership practices encouraged innovation in the company. Consider the global factors that influenced the company. •Assess how […]

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Kiki magazine

| December 27, 2016

The Kiki magazine case deals with analyzing marketing opportunities. You have been hired by Kiki magazine to analyze the strategy for marketing to the 9 to 14 year old girl niche market. Your analysis should address the following questions: 1. What types of market research should Kiki employ to determine the market potential for magazine? […]

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