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Over the years, students have been writing theses and dissertations in their journey of pursuing their degrees whether in universities or colleges. However, there is a shift towards writing a capstone paper. This shift has left many students wondering how to go about it. For this reason, has made a bold step to offering nursing essay help to such students.


A capstone project is the last step before the student graduates as per the requirements of their degree programs. Normally, the final course appears to be very frustrating and daunting but very rewarding upon completion. The capstone course in a nursing program is very important: it represents a crowning achievement and can be represented in various forms which include a research paper or assessment exam, case study, surveys, outcome-based evaluation, etc.

The capstone project gives the student an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their nursing course to help them in the practice of their nursing career. In other words, it sums up the skills and competencies the student has gained during the course. The student is expected to pick one capstone topic related to their course or area of specialization and write a paper.

As students navigate through the writing process, it is required of them to frequently make a presentation of their projects. This gives the students an opportunity to clearly express their thoughts as well as help them improve their public speaking skills. Additional materials during the presentation will help the audience understand how the student arrived at the conclusion.

Writing a capstone project that meets the required standard is not easy, but through our nursing essay help, we offer unlimited support to nursing students before and during the process of writing a capstone project. Our highly experienced writers provide the student with the support they need. We guide you by showing you all you need to know to make your capstone project a success, choose a topic that you feel strong about, how to create an outline and how to write an effective project.

 Choose a topic- The topic of your project should be suitable and feasible, unique, important to your field and well defined and manageable. It is advisable to think of a topic at the start of the program as well as take notes during the class relevant to your topic. With many topics to choose from, its sometimes difficult for some students to come up with a topic for their project. If you are such a student, do not worry; our team has your back.

Create your capstone project proposal- submitted before the writing of the project starts. The proposal should cover the following; the topic and reason for the topic, your experience about your topic, the scope of the available information and their sources, some details about your research such us methods to use and objectives of your project.

Gather information- search for any information relevant to your topic and identify the sources. You will need to look through several books, articles, internet etc.  These are the articles you will discuss in your literature review.

Come up with the structure- understanding the structure of a capstone project is crucial. Though most capstone projects have similar structure, it’s important to check with your professor for further guidance. This because some may have specific requirements and structure format to be followed. A student should endeavor to follow the given instructions to the latter. A typical capstone must have an outline consisting of;


Title page– It contains the project title., name and course number and the name of the supervisor.

Abstract- This summarizes your project; the summary should cover all the aspects of the project and well detailed for another researcher to better understand your capstone project.

Table of contents– Basically, this is a list of what is contained in the project with the relevant page numbers.

Introduction– Introduce your topic, reason for solving your problem and your problem statement.

Problem description– Give a detailed description of your problem, how to resolve it, and the overall goal of the project.

Literature review– this provides a clear background to the project backed up by relevant and reliable sources as you focus in your specific problem.

Methodologies– covers how you conducted your research to arrive at the conclusion you made.

Conclusion– Discuss your findings and give a summary of the findings. You should show why these findings matter, lessons learned and necessary steps that need to be taken.

References– Ensure complete and correct citations of your sources. Ensure use of the right format.

Appendices– this will contain all other information useful for the reader but not included in the paper.

We have gone further to provide nursing students with steps to guide them through our nursing essay help services. These simple but basic steps will help you get the results you have always desired.

Make a time table– Typically, a capstone project is long and requirements vary depending on the professor. The student needs to apply strong skills, teamwork, critical and analytical thinking. Creating a calendar will help you in managing your time. You will know which task to schedule when and how to work within the schedule.

Get to writing– The foundation of your project is your thesis statement. Your thesis should be strong, specific and narrow. A thesis should help you cover all that your project is about. State your major problems and the limitations of your study.

Proofreading– Look through all the sections of your project to ensure the completion and logical flow of the ideas. Delete what is not adding value and add other relevant information. It’s at this point, that you should check on your grammar and typing errors. It’s advisable to share with someone who has gone before you to read and guide you on corrections to be made.

Prepare for defense– Proper preparation is important. The student must defend their capstone project before the committee.  The quality of the presentation and how the student responds to the questions have a great influence on how the whole project will be evaluated. You need to be very familiar with every section of your project and be ready to defend every section such as choice of your topic, choice of methodologies and your findings.

With this simple guide and other services from our nursing essay help, students have gained confidence in themselves and this has translated to improved performance in their nursing programs. We encourage the students to sign up for our websites for this and more.

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