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Excellent academic writing skills are a valuable asset in the life of a student while in high school/college/ university and even after school. Your academic success in higher institutions of learning is pegged on your ability to write skillfully. There is so much writing given the many assignments. The ability to reason academically is also very crucial. It’s your reasoning/thoughts that you transfer on a paper for someone else to read.


For the many years, we have been in the industry of academic writing services, one thing has stood out among many students regardless of their course or level.  They have always wanted to know what they can do to scale up their writing. This article is to provide a guide to how you can upgrade your writing skills for better grades by looking at the common mistakes students make in grammar, punctuation, reasoning, and how to avoid them.

Essay structure

To begin with, our focus will be on the general essay structure. A basic essay structure has three main parts:

Introduction– Introduces your topic;

  • Main issues that will be addressed and intentions of your essay;
  • It should be clear and brief.

Main body– Made of several paragraphs depending on the length of the essay;

  • Each point should be clearly discussed in a separate paragraph and evidence given to support it;
  • The sentences and paragraphs should be well linked to ensure logical flow and unity;
  • Each source of evidence should be correctly cited.

Conclusion– It should be directly related to the topic;

  • Sums up the main points in the body;
  • Reinstates the statement.

References– all cited works should be correctly referenced;

Parts of speech

Your essay is a product of words brought together to form phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. Sentences play different roles. These roles are commonly known as parts of speech. To write effectively below are basic parts of speech that you need to familiarize yourself with. They include verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions. To learn more about when and where to use each, visit This is the only place where you get unique and affordable academic writing services.


Punctuation and grammar

Correct grammar is important to achieve the intended purpose of writing. Punctuation is also very crucial. The same way you would pause or change the tone in verbal communication, punctuation allows you to do the same in writing. In this section, the common mistakes to check on are:

  • Bad syntax.  Make sure every sentence is well constructed, clear, and concise. Order your words in a way that makes meaningful sentences.
  • Inappropriate use of tenses.  It’s common to mix tenses or use the wrong tense. This can be avoided by being consistent through the introduction to the conclusion. If you choose to write in the past, observe this to the end. Also, know which tense to use when and where. For example, when introducing other author’s opinions or the purpose of your essay use present tense.
  • Incorrect use of prepositions. Prepositions are words that describe the position and the movement of a noun in a sentence. It’s very easy to use them incorrectly without knowing as the sentence may still sound right. Before you decide to use either of them, take your time and think about its role in the sentence.
  • Incorrect use of colons and semicolons. Most students are unable to differentiate between the two. As a result, they use them inappropriately. For this reason, it’s prudent not to use them unless you have a better understanding of how they are used. For clarity on how, when, and where to use them, take advantage of our academic writing services to learn more.
  • Incorrect use of an apostrophe. They are considered the most misused punctuation marks. This misuse has very serious consequences as it alters the whole meaning of a phrase or a sentence.
  • Incorrect use of speech marks. These are the double inverted and single inverted commas. Double commas are used in cases where there is a speaker and a listener. On the other hand, a single comma is used to report or when making references and only one person is involved.
  • Incorrect use of singular and plural. Observe consistency to ensure your nouns and verbs match.
  • Using unnecessary words. Be concise and precise. Any unnecessary word is needed in your final copy.
  • Use of wrong and informal phrases. Academic writing calls for formality. Consider the use of the right and acceptable words. Talking is different from writing, take time, and think about your choice of words.
  • Using commas incorrectly. Commas are used as separators since they separate two parts or phrases in a sentence.
  • Mixing pronouns. Make sure you correctly use pronouns in your paper.  They should match the noun in terms of number and gender.
  • Definite and indefinite article misuse. Learn where and how to use these articles in your essay.
  • Incorrect capitalization. Capital letters are commonly used at the beginning of a sentence, names of persons, titles, and proper nouns.
  • Inappropriate use of ‘and’ instead of ‘to’. If the two are wrongly used the whole meaning of a sentence changes.
  • Inadequate proof-reading. Thoroughly read through your work to check out for any grammatical errors. You can allow someone else to read the copy; these can be a professional editor from, a fellow course mate, a friend, or a family member.



Another big mistake that students make is in how they make a decision and poor practice concerning their essay structure and presentation of their arguments

Poor structure

The essay structure can be said to be the framework or layout. It helps you organize your arguments logically and coherently. There is no great writing without a structure. Learn more about the importance of a structure and how to write a brilliant introduction, body, and conclusion from a professional academic writing services provider.

  • Inability to reference correctly. There are different citation and referencing styles. The choice of style is dependent on discipline. Incorrect or incomplete citation amounts to plagiarism. To avoid this charge, equip yourself with knowledge of the styles and how to use them from online academic writing services.
  • Poor and unclear reasoning. The rule is to keep it simple and clear. Clarity and logical flow of your argument are vital to great essays.
  • Generalizations. Strive to be as specific as possible in your essay. Generalization makes the essay vague and dull. Also, consider exceptions and counterarguments where necessary.
  • Speculations and assertions. To convince your reader that what you are writing about is true, use strong and valid evidence to back up your claim. Don’t leave room for doubt.
  • Poor use and choice of vocabulary. Check your vocabulary keenly to ensure appropriateness. If you are not sure about the meaning of a particular vocabulary, feel free to use a dictionary.
  • Misuse of common phrases. It is common to use and quote a phrase. To avoid this, use the phrases you have a better understanding of and use them correctly. Ensure they are also relevant to your work.


Effective essays achieve their objective which is to persuade, inform, explain, or any other intended purpose. This doesn’t happen by chance, its hard work, commitment, and possessing the necessary skills. If you desire to score high grades in your coming tests, you can learn the art of writing through our academic writing services. The service is available 24/7 and at affordable rates.

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