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At one point in life, you have watched a live performance such as drama that excited you. As a result, you felt you would like to write down the occurrence of the events and take to a friend to share the experience. Performance writing is writing down about a drama or play after a performance to understand and communicate its power to another person. Performance writing requires you to be attentive to every detail. This concentration might be a challenge for some students. For this reason, seeking academic writing help is a wise decision.


Performative writing allows you to express what you have heard and seen during a live performance. It’s important to note that, your written work should not be just like any other writing. It should reflect the real performance, power, and scenarios. In other words, it should be a performance itself. In performative writing, the difference between speech and written language is almost unnoticeable.

 The energy, intensity, color, sound, and voice portrayed in the performance should be captured in your written assignment. This article is meant to guide you on the steps to writing a live performance on a paper. The reader must appreciate the efforts of the performer after going through your work. Carefully study it and if you have a challenge, visit You will get a perfectly written performance study paper that will earn you high grades. Besides, our academic writing help is offered professionally and around the clock.

One would wonder why its important to engage in performative writing, there are many reasons which includes;

Writing about a performance doesn’t change its meaning. What writing does is reminding us of what we learned during the performance. Most performances have many life lessons to learn from. In other words, they teach and writing about them, we allow others to learn through our written work. An effective performance studies paper must be of the highest quality, well-formatted, styled, structured, organized, and sources well cited. Such papers can only be found at We hire highly qualified writers who are experts in the field and this guarantees satisfaction to everyone seeking academic writing from our team.

 Another reason would be for preservation purposes. Few days after the performance it is forgotten. A written copy has imagery and other aspects of performance that makes it appear real. To capture your reader, your must make you’re writing a reality. For example, if the performance involved pain and suffering causing a character to lament, the reader must see this reality in your paper.


 How to get started

 Like any other writing assignment, having a starting point is a major accomplishment.  If you are stuck, visit Our 24/7 essay writing services allow seeking academic writing help at any time. After a performance before you focus on writing, consider the following questions;

  • Who are the actors in the performance? Are they men, women, children, elderly, or animals?
  • Where is the performance taking place/ venue? Is it in the National theater, school or street?
  • Who is the audience/to who is it being performed? Is it to a parent, teachers, a group of people?
  • What processes were involved during the rehearsals to the actual day of the performance?
  • How is the transformation in the character’s life perceived? Is the turnaround of events celebrated?
  • Who are the beneficiaries/ losers of the performance? How does the performance benefit or oppress them?
  • How does the performance impact society? What role does performance have in society?

If you can answer the above questions, then you are ready to start the phase of writing.  Throughout the process, keep in mind that you have a writing partner who you can trust. Our experience in the industry makes us the best choice of many students when it comes to academic writing help services.  Our service delivery is fast and reliable and designed with the interest of the customers at heart. All our papers are written from scratch, adhering to the instructions given by the customers and the discipline conventions. Our priority is the customer.

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Writing in performance studies can be easy for some students and difficult for some. The most crucial thing is mastering the art of making your paper real. You watched a live performance, the skill you need is to make it live in your paper. This sounds strange, but with the above guide, you will realize it is easier than you thought.

Study them carefully, practice them, and together with academic writing help from expertise in the field of performative writing, you will see a change in your academic performance. Don’t wait any longer, sign up at the website today and click the ORDER NOW button.

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