Family Assessment 2

Refer back to the interview and evaluation you conducted in the Topic 2 Family Health Assessment assignment. Identify the social determinates of health (SDOH) contributing to the family’s health status. In a 750-1,000 word paper, create a plan of action to incorporate health promotion strategies for this family. Include the following:Describe the SDOH that affect the family health status. What is the impact of these SDOH on the family? Discuss why these factors are prevalent for this family.Based on the information gathered through the family health assessment, recommend age-appropriate screenings for each family member. Provide support and rationale for your suggestions.Choose a health model to assist in creating a plan of action. Describe the model selected. Discuss the reasons why this health model is the best choice for this family. Provide rationale for your reasoning.Using the model, outline the steps for a family-centered health promotion. Include strategies for communication.Cite at least three peer-reviewed or scholarly sources to complete this assignment. Sources should be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria.Interview QuestionnaireValues/Health Perceptiona.      What is your perception about healthy living? It entails living in a safe and unpolluted environment. One must have access to all the basic necessities. It also entails engaging in healthy practices.b.      Do you have a health insurance? Yesc.       How often do you go for medical check-ups? Once every year.Nutritiona.      How do you maintain a healthy diet? We have a daily diet schedule that we follow.b.      How often do you purchase food from fast food restaurants? I purchase frequently because of my children.c.       How often do they take junk food? Frequently. Although we as parents rarely take junk food. We understand we need to keep healthy due to our advanced age.Sleep/Resta.      How many hours of sleep do you get averagely? My husband sleeps for around five hour and I sleep for averagely four hours daily due to my work schedule.b.      What about the children? They spend most of their time on screen watching. They sleep around 7 hours daily.c.       Do you consider sleep as a critical component of health? Yes. However, I am not able to get the necessary sleep due to my job. The children value screen time and it is difficult to get them off the television and mobile phones.Eliminationa.      How often do you go for long calls in 24 hours? Parents go once per day and the children at least twice in a day.b.      Do you encounter any challenges in your toilet habits? Noc.       Any actions that you implement to improve your bowel movement? I take roughages to prevent constipation.Activity/Exercisea.      How often do you engage in physical exercises? At least twice in a week.b.      What kind of exercises do you do? Swimming, walking, rope skipping, jogging, and dancing.c.       What is the importance of physical exercises? They promote the flow of oxygen in the body, building of muscles, and strengthening of bones.Cognitivea.       Do you recall where you keep your things? Yesb.      Mention the date for today? 28/11/2020c.       How many languages do you speak? Father 3, Mother 3, children 2Sensory-Perceptiona.      How many teaspoons of sugar do you place in one cup of tea? Father 3, Mother 2, Children 2b.      Do you use any hearing aids? No.c.       Do you have any challenges with you sight? NoSelf-Perceptiona.      How do you regard yourselves? We consider ourselves with high self-esteem. We have managed to achieve the best in our lives.b.      Do you have any problems walking in public? Noc.       What are the strong values of the family? Patience, Honesty, Love, and HardworkingRole Relationshipa.      Current marital status. Happily marriedb.      What is your relationship with one another? Cordial, accommodative, and understanding.c.       Do you have friends and relatives that visit you? Yes. Frequently.Sexualitya.      How many partners do you have? Both parents have one.b.      What is your current sexual status? Parents are active while children are inactive.c.       Do you have any sexual reproductive health problems? No.Copinga.      How have you coped with COVID-19? Well. We had enough savings to take us through.b.      Do you have any stressors in your life? Yes. Uncertainties about return to normalcy, our children increased screen time, and fate of father’s job.c.       How do you deal with stressful situations? We often share our concerns or problems as a family and look for suitable solutions. 

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