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| November 27, 2020

Forensic Technician

A forensic technician is involved in the investigation of crimes through the collection and analysis of physical evidence. the technicians are important because they help in the investigation of crimes. Most of the people in the field are involved in scene investigation as well as laboratory analysis. The profession is related to the unit of study because it incorporates the use of molecular genetics to help in the identification of criminals.


For one to be a professional forensic technician, they have to go for an undergraduate degree in one of the natural sciences that is appropriate for the field of forensic technicians. It is important for the students to have analytical thinking as well as reasoning skills. The students should also have skills in laboratory research and analysis to help them in the analysis of evidence that is collected from the crime scenes. They should also possess good communication skills that will enable them to communicate the evidence to the criminal investigation authorities.

The forensic technicians may be involved in crime scene duties, lab duties, or consultation and testimony duties. Under crime scene duties forensic technicians will work in crime scenes as well as crime labs. They are involved in the collection and preservation of evidence. they may also assist in the reconstruction of crime scenes. Under lab duties, they are involved in interpretation of collected evidence. they help in the identification of unknown substances as well as theorizing the relationship between the victim and the criminal. Forensic technician work in various fields that include police, private security firms, and government and non-governmental agencies. The career is exciting because of the thrill that follows the identification of criminals. It can however be dangerous when involved in live crime scenes.

Molecular Geneticist

Molecular geneticists are involved in the manipulation of genes so that they can use them in various areas that includes medicine and industry. By manipulation of the genes, they are able to get more treatment methods for diseases. The professionals in this field are involved in the study of the function as well as the structure of genes. They are keen to understand how genes impact the functioning and development of human beings. The profession is related to the unit of study because it is concerned with the manipulation of genes that falls under molecular studies. Molecular geneticists are thus important in the discovery of new treatment methods.

For one to be a molecular geneticist, they have to be good in mathematics, chmistry, physics, and biology. The students also need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in molecular genetics as well as a master’s degree in the field of molecular genetics. If one ones to be a consultant or wants to teach in academic institutions, they can go for a Ph.D. in molecular genetics.

The duties of molecular geneticists are mostly laboratory based. There responsiilities include conducting tests and procedures that are aimed at determining genetypes as well as identifying the genetic diseases. The people in this field also have a responsibility to keep up with the latest development. Molecular geneticists are continually trying new things. Being up-to-date helps one to undertand the discoveries or inventions that have been made in the field. The molecular geneticists mostly work in medical settings as well as in reaserch agencies. The advantages of working as a molecular geneticist is that the profession pays well. However, there are limited opportunities for jobs in the field.


            Gerontologists are health care professionals who have undergone training in taking of the elderly patients. The professionals work directly with the elderly in order to investigate the aging process. Gerontologists treat the issues that are related to the elderly people. Genretologists have the option of working as research experts, working directly with the elderly or working in administrative positions that are related to gerontology. The profession is closely related to the topic of study because it deals with the treatment of human beings with an aim of improving the quality of ther lives.

            For one to become a gerontologist, they should go for a bachelor’s degree in gerontology. It is the minimum requirement for a person to become a professional gerontologist. A gerontologist can also hold a degree in a related field that includes exercise physiology, psychology, nursing, sociology, nutrition or any other related social service profession. Students that are taking a course in gerontology will study courses that include adult development, social policy, aging, physical health among other courses.

            The main duties of a gerontologist include working as research experts where they study the living conditions of the elderly people as well as the aging process. They can also work directly with the elderly people by providing them with care. A gerontologist can also work in an administrative or leadership position. The primary task of a gerontologist revolves around working with the elderly people. The gerontologists can work in the medical field or other professional organization that include homes for the elderly or engage in community service.

            The advantage of working with the elderly people is that the task is fulfilling because it involves the improvement of the quality of life of the most important people in the society. The tasks can, however, be very tiresome because the elderly require a lot of dedication in their care.

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