Can You Write These Four Art History Questions? I Uploaded A Picture For This Question

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Can you write these four art history questions? I uploaded a picture for this question I uploaded a picture, see the picture file and focus on only this pic that is the topic of this art. The words should be 50-100 words each section. No plagiarism!! The Tomb of the leopards, Tarquinia, Italy 1. Description- describe what you see- imagine that the person you are describing it to is not there or is blind. How will you make the work of art visible through verbal description? 2. Summary this text – summarize this textwhat you think are the most important pieces of information that you gleaned from the textbook- read the book closely and put it in your own words. -summary this text- TOMB OF THE LEOPARDS: A characteristic example datingto the early fifth century BCE is the Tomb of the Leopards (FIG.6-9), named for the beasts that guard the interior of the paintedchamber from their perch within the pediment of the rear wall. They are reminiscent of the panthers on each side of Medusa in the pediment (FIG. 5-17) of the Temple of Artemis at Corfu. But mythological figures, whether Greek or Etruscan, are uncommon in Tarquinian murals, and the Tomb of the Leopards has none. Instead, banqueting couples (the men with dark skin, the women with light skin, in conformity with the age-old convention) adorn the walls—painted versions of the terracotta sarcophagus (FIG. 6-5) from Cerveteri. Pitcherand cup-bearers serve the guests, and musicians entertain them. The banquet takes place in the open air or perhaps in a tent set up for the occasion. In characteristic Etruscan fashion, the banqueters, servants, and entertainers all make exaggerated gestures with unnaturally enlarged hands (FIG. 6-1). The man on the couch at the far right on the rear wall holds up an egg, the symbol of regeneration. The tone is joyful. The painting is a celebration of life, food, wine, music, and dance, rather than a somber contemplation of death. In stylistic terms, the Etruscan figures are comparable to those on sixth-century Greek vases before Late Archaic painters became preoccupied with the problem of foreshortening. Etruscan painters may be considered somewhat backward in this respect, but in other ways they seem to have outpaced their counterparts in Greece, especially in their interest in rendering nature. In the Tomb of the Leopards, the landscape is but a few trees and shrubs placed between the entertainers (and leopards) and behind the banquet couches. But elsewhere the natural environment was the chief interest of Tarquinian painters. 3. Research- go online and find additional information about the image and provide the links for that information for your peers. Make sure to summarize and do not simply cut and paste or give us just the URLs. Please avoid wikipedia!! 4. Contemporary Culture- relate the theme to something that you find in our current visual vernacular on popular culture- Why is this image relevant today? Purchase the answer to view it

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