Organizational Change Management and Communication Plan

| August 27, 2016

Submit via word document and must be in APA format. A minimum of two (2) paragraphs for each questions.

1. Who should pay the cost? A party who was negligent, coercive, erroneous, fraudulent, or the person who was harmed through those actions? The tort system is designed to create incentive for safer systems and actions. What incentive is there to address problems without these damages?

Case 1: Stella Liebeck vs McDonalds

2. Scrutinize political ads on TV, the radio and online. Who made the ad? Research the agenda of that organization. Where is the money coming from to pay for the ad? Are big businesses Buy-in judicial races? Do the ads tell the truth? Are the full of rumors and accusations to persuade you to vote their way?

Case 3: Oliver E. Diaz, Jr,_Jr.

3. Have you ever or have you watched your parents, have disagreements with your insurance company, your cable company, your bank, or your cell phone carrier? What should your options be when they try to add on fees, change your contract, or otherwise wrong you?

Case 4: Mandatory Arbitration – Jamie Leigh Jones vs Halliburton

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